Here come a few new Challengers!

You’d think that, after nearly a month since I posted about my next project, I’d have something to show for it… Well, I don’t. I place the blame mostly on the frustrating but excellent XCOM: Enemy Unknown but there’s also the fact that it’s simply a big task to clean up the parts. Progress has […]

Winter WonderFestival 2011 Garage Kits

artsook me a while to sift through the load of photos from my usual sources of GK photos. In the end, I actually asked for a fair bit this time but I was sure that I wasn’t going to get everything. Sure enough, Tokyo Hunter was only able to get about half of what I […]

WonderFestival 2010 Summer Garage Kits

Getting the motivation to write this post was surprisingly hard. Maybe it was because I researched too hard prior to the event so there were no big surprises in store on the floor. Maybe it’s because I failed to obtain my 3 target kits and the likelihood of them hitting Y!JA is pretty slim. Or […]

WonderFestival 2010 Winter Garage Kits

I think I’ve collected up enough photos now…

Surprisingly, there were quite a few good kits on show at this years event. A few of which I might even try to obtain at a later event. Unfortunately, buying a new kit right now would be an impossibility but I did get a few things from […]

WonderFestival Winter 2010 Preview

With wonderfestival set to occur this weekend, I’m preparing myself for my usual custom of going through large numbers of Japanese sites for event coverage and pics to pick out some of the kits which stand out to me.

Johnson Huang over at Garage Kit Haven has already written up a few posts regarding kits […]

WonderFestival Summer 09 Preview

With Wonderfestival only being a week or so away, we’re getting a glimpse of what will be available to view (and hopefully buy) at the event in terms of garage kits. The FG boards especially, have been abuzz with scratchbuilt works tagged WF, which indicates that they should, hopefully appear in some form at the […]