Mini Review: Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram & TriggerHeart Exelica enhanced

A double bill this week as I don’t really think they warrant a review each. The 2 games have had several iterations released by now so most people who are interested would have played them by now.

I’ll start with Exelica.

Triggerheart Exelica Enhanced is the PS2 version of the game which is now […]

More Mecha Madness

It’s finally here!!!! My PG Red Frame!!!

After most people are finishing theirs off/showing off their completed products, the customs office finally decided to release my parcel after sitting on it for 3 weeks and had it delivered!! Damn them. If there was one silver lining in all this, it was that I was […]

Select your Virtuaroid!!

A post over at Kotaku confirms an article in famitsu which shows us that Xbox live Arcade is getting cult (and awesome) arcade game Cyber troopers Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram!!

The game is going to be based on the last released version using the traditional 1 vs 1 format (after this one, the next […]