Last Frontier

One of the worst feelings a modeller can have is that feeling that, after everything is done, you know you’ve done your best… but it’s not good enough. I’m no stranger to the feeling, especially in my early days but it’s been a while since I’ve felt it. And who would have thought it would […]

Project: Frontier (Part 2)

Well, that didn’t take too long! All the parts are now completed and the next stage is… I’m not too sure. Some areas will require painting but I’m not sure if I should work too much on the details as the decals will cover a very large area, making any panel lining either redundant or […]

Project: Frontier

OK, it’s official! I’m getting old!!! Back in the day (see? I even sound old!) I used to be able to snap together a MG gundam kit in the space of a few hours (3~4 hrs to be precise). Now, in the same time, I can barely do the limbs and front nose of my […]

Genuine Suddenly Aquired Models! (SAMS… Wait, that sounds wrong)

And, truth be told, one was completely expected. But the past week has been pretty good for my model collection (and not so good for my “to do” pile). The end of last week saw the delivery of my Limited edition TriggerHeart Exelica Enhanced for the PS2, so you know what that means…

Nendoroid […]