Starlight Breaker!

She was finished a couple of weeks ago but I put her debut back for a few other things but now it’s time for her to shine. It’s the “white devil” herself, Takamachi whatever Nanoha!!

Her bits have also been completed but at present, I don’t have a base or rods to keep them […]

Project: StrikerS N (Part 6)

Slow and steady wins the race… Yeah, right! This is just me being lazy and also spending the long bank holiday weekend with the folks. Still, progress is progress, right?

Pretty much there now! The eyes still need to be done, and the paintjob was damaged on the front hairpiece so it needs to […]

Project: StrikerS N (Part 5)

Confession: I didn’t think I’d actually get any progress done on Nanoha this week. Phantasy Star Online 2 is taking up way too much of my time! But progress it did. and now, there’s only the hairpieces, eyes and touching up to do. But she really does need some touching up!

I still need […]

Project: StrikerS N (Part 4)

And now, after the Chaos of Wonder Festival, we return to our regularly scheduled posting!

Just a very quick update so far. Raging heart has been completed so work has now moved over to Nanoha and, since many of the parts were primed in white, the work has been pretty quick!

The basic work […]

Project: StrikerS N (part 3)

Just a super quick post this week as I prep the main body parts for painting. I decided to take a shortcut this time around and, since Nanoha is primarily white, I used white primer for her uniform parts, while sticking with the grey for the other parts like the exposed skin parts and […]

Project: StrikerS N (Part 2)

Man, it sucks having to work with crap resin. Cleanup was annoying as heck and the primer acted all weird when I sprayed the parts… Still, managed to make some progress. There’s still a little more work to do before I move onto the main body but raging heart is now mostly completed.

I […]

Project: StrikerS N (part 1)

I had almost forgotten that I had this kit. Initially, I was planning on working on my Kiking Dead Master, especially as I had recently found out that the man himself has been hired by GoodSmile Company (as opposed to having his works purchased as is the standard dealing with most GK makers), so I […]