Jumping Flash!

Things have gotten busy again but I was able to finish off my current project… Well, kinda. The build process and painting has been completed but… Ah, I’ll get to it later. Here’s Asuna from Sword Art Online in her Knight of Blood uniform (so not a useless damsel in distress or a killer white […]

Project: Asuna (Part 4)

Apologies for the lack of a post last week. For once, I’m going to pull the “real-life” card. Last week was just ridiculously hectic that I didn’t have much time to do anything of note. Still, after things calmed down, I was able to proceed with more work on Asuna and also max out my […]

Project: Asuna (Part 2)

Not much of an update this week. Just some slow progress made on Asuna along with a few headaches along the way (Like huge seam lines appearing after priming, necessitating the need to sand them down and redo the whole process again).

Here’s her current state. The details on the legs have been tidied […]

Project: Asuna (part 1)





And now for our regularly scheduled stuff. Feels like it’s been ages since I did a post on my regular garage kits but that doesn’t mean that I’ve been neglecting them.

It’s strange but I don’t usually get buyers regret over my purchases. Even if my enthusiasm for a kit […]

Here come a few new Challengers!

You’d think that, after nearly a month since I posted about my next project, I’d have something to show for it… Well, I don’t. I place the blame mostly on the frustrating but excellent XCOM: Enemy Unknown but there’s also the fact that it’s simply a big task to clean up the parts. Progress has […]