Return from the wilderness

Did ya miss me?


Well, who cares about that? For those who are curious, the reason for the lack of updates for the past few weeks was because I was in Hong Kong. TBH, it wasn’t a great trip. I did manage to have some fun times but there was also a fair […]

Mini Review: Sakura Taisen V: Farewell, My love

Finally finished Sakura Taisen V soon after the previous post (Damn you Nobunaga!! You were such a cheap ass!!! BTW, has anyone else noticed that Nobunaga is almost always portrayed as some demonic bad guy in video games even though he wasn’t that evil by the standards of his time?) so I get to write […]

Hashire Kousoku no Teikoku Kageki-Dan!!!!!!!!!

A quick bit of very good news followed by accompanying bad news!

The good: NIS America has just announced that the fantastic Sakura Taisen series is finally, FINALLY hitting the west with the release of Sakura Wars: so long, my love for the PS2 and wii. The game is scheduled for an Autumn release.