Small Soldier!

Seems every year around this time, I get into a melancholic mood and have difficulty building the drive to build my GK. The lack of sunlight doesn’t really help much either as it makes it harder to find the time to do the priming, which is where Sheryl is at right now…

But I guess […]

Without darkness, there is no light…

True to my word, I was able to purchase a Dark Saber Revolvtech to accompany my regular saber!!

You would think that a recoloured saber with a few design changes would make very little difference to the figure itself and the gripes I had with the original would still be present. Well, in some ways […]

For King and Country!

I have now bought my first revoltech! All Hail Saber!!!!

Orbital Manga had a few in stock and the revoltech line has always intrigued me so I went for the plunge. (still waiting for my Revoltech Dangaioh tho. *nudge*)

On the subject of Japanese renditions of all things British, I also watched eps 24 […]