(commission): Deep Rising!

Sorry for the late post but I’m just putting in a brief one because this kit kinda deserves a post. I finished U-511 from KanColle a while back and she is now with her new owner but I still wanted to post a little bit of her but waited for a while.


Commission(?) 1: U-511 (KanKolle) (part 2)

Just a brief post this week but it’s kind of a big deal as, due to some unexplained randomness, I have picked up my old model kit projects and started working on them again! There might be a chance that I finish this little project before the MCM expo at the end of the month! […]

Project: Selvaria (part 1)

Sometimes, you just need to know when to take a step back for a bit. After lots of procrastinating and work on Homura which basically just led to the discovery of more faults which needed to be fixed… Volks finally put my ass into gear this weekend when they unveiled their 1/4 scale Selvaria Bles […]

Project: Walkure C (part 2)

Progress has been slow and steady thus far for Celia. A lot of time was spent playing around with the armour colour. Initiall, I went for chainmail but that looked a bit too dark. It was great for something which was well worn but I get the feeling that presentation plays a big part in […]

Project: Dead Master

Time to get back into the throes of painting more garage kits! Recently acquired another to the “to do” pile in the shape of the Charagumin Shinguji Sakura from Volks so I can’t let the pile get any bigger!

I asked some groups online as to which kit I should build next out of the […]

Here come a few new Challengers!

You’d think that, after nearly a month since I posted about my next project, I’d have something to show for it… Well, I don’t. I place the blame mostly on the frustrating but excellent XCOM: Enemy Unknown but there’s also the fact that it’s simply a big task to clean up the parts. Progress has […]

Project: Try-Saber (Part 1)

Being in a rut sucks… After taking a little break (and doing a little gunpla again), I really feel like doing another garage kit and with my backlog as big as it is, you’d think that there’d be no problem finding one which I really felt like working on. But after working on a really […]


Couldn’t think of any witty title to go with Asagi this time. I mean, how can you work a witty line with a character from an eroge? Tier??

She was actually completed last week but I decided to hold back posting her for a while. In any case, Asagi has now been completed!!

Previous […]

Project Taimanin (part 3)

Before I start, I’m going to go into rant mode for a single paragraph so you may want to skip down a little. I had managed to purge the fact that I had wasted an hour of my life watching the useless drivel that was the Black Rock Shooter OVA. In fact, I had purged […]

Project: Tomo-Tiger has begun!

Well, this post is rather late. I blame the fact that I am away from my usual equipment and have to fight for control of the only PC in the house with family members, and by “fight” I mean “lay down my arms and let them do whatever they want”

But I did promise that […]