Death Becomes Her

Sometimes, all you need is a good sculpt to make you like a figure regardless of how you feel about the character. That’s pretty much how I found myself in possession of this kit of Dead Master from BRS. The fact that this kit was from Kiking and is one of only 3 or so […]

Project: Dead Master

Time to get back into the throes of painting more garage kits! Recently acquired another to the “to do” pile in the shape of the Charagumin Shinguji Sakura from Volks so I can’t let the pile get any bigger!

I asked some groups online as to which kit I should build next out of the […]

A Different kind of Dead Master

And so we’ve managed to get to the final blog post of 2010. How many years has this humble little blog been running now? I think it’s coming up to 4… In any case, I couldn’t think of anything flashy to post up and there will be a look back at the animes and games […]

Project: Tomo-Tiger has begun!

Well, this post is rather late. I blame the fact that I am away from my usual equipment and have to fight for control of the only PC in the house with family members, and by “fight” I mean “lay down my arms and let them do whatever they want”

But I did promise that […]