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Bit of a late post this week as I have been dead tired after taking part in the London cup Kendo competition over the weekend, both as staff and competitor. Still haven’t shaken it all off yet either! And recently, I came to the realisation that I haven’t really posted much Plamo for a while, […]

Santa Claus will gun you right down!!

*whew* made it (tho truth be told, she was finished on Sunday and some of the regular visitors have already had a sneak peek). Here’s my festive project and, probably the last one I will do in 2009, Santa Hoihoi!!

I have read the manga, Watched the OVA and played the game (yes, there […]

Sept & Oct Purchases!!

This post is going to be a bit on the long side so I suggest you take a seat and maybe grab a drink to pass the time. All done? right! Let’s begin!

Due to some logistical errors (blame royal mail) there wasn’t much which arrived in the month of September, even though around 1/3rd […]