Wonder Festival 2015 Summer Garage Kits

Wonder Festival was a couple of weeks ago but I was sadly caught up in writing up the Tomopop coverage so I haven’t been able to write about it until now. You can still go over to Tomopop for a more full coverage but I’m just going to focus on the kits which I liked […]

Project: True Sonic Fate (part 3)

Just a quick update this time around while trying something different with posting. I’m using WordPress on iPad for this one as it would make posting smaller updates on my projects easier if I choose to go down this route. 

Never really used it until now due to various limitations, such as not being able […]

Project: HomuHomu (part 1)

And from the back of one project, I get to jump into the next with no procrastination!! Pretty rare for me but with the purchase of the 2 busou shinki ladies, I now have 3 kits from maker Grizzry Panda and that’s just too many so I’m diving straight into the first kit I bought […]

Jumping Flash!

Things have gotten busy again but I was able to finish off my current project… Well, kinda. The build process and painting has been completed but… Ah, I’ll get to it later. Here’s Asuna from Sword Art Online in her Knight of Blood uniform (so not a useless damsel in distress or a killer white […]

Death Becomes Her

Sometimes, all you need is a good sculpt to make you like a figure regardless of how you feel about the character. That’s pretty much how I found myself in possession of this kit of Dead Master from BRS. The fact that this kit was from Kiking and is one of only 3 or so […]

6, Just 6.

You know you’re getting old when you forget dates which are meant to be important to you. I think the first one to go was my own birthday. I usually get a text or quick call from a family member which serves as a prompt reminder that it’s that day…

And now, it wasn’t my […]

Are you afraid of the dark?

I think it’s about time to call this one in! Afterall, her kit wasn’t exactly the most complicated thing I’ve seen (clocking in at a mere 8 parts for the whole thing) so once painting started, it was pretty smooth sailing, tho I have to say that the Games Workshop liquid green stuff was a […]

Project: Occult Gakuen (part 2)

Not too much of an update this time. Heck, I’m a little surprised that there’s an update at all! My “little” mecha anime ops project is harder than I thought and Bioshock Infinite just came out so don’t be shocked if the project stalls for a while!

Currently, the parts have been cleaned (mostly) and […]

Project: Occult Gakuen

It’s great that my next project pretty much fell into my lap after I completed Taiga. Furthermore, she’s a really simple kit as well, a mere 7 parts!! The only down side is that there’s a lot of cleanup to do. But here’s a prelim build of Kumashiro Maya

Quite a few seam lines […]

A Wild Taiga Appears!

Told you that it wouldn’t take long to finish this project, and on an even better note, I think I’m completely out of my melancholy! Regarding kit building at least. Taiga had a lot to do with it though. The sculpt was absolutely wonderful and so easy to work with! After looking at some of […]