Mini Review: Touhou Genso Rondo Bullet Ballet

Firstly, apologies for the lack of posts for the past couple of months. Real life stuff at work hit pretty hard and I’m still trying to pick up all the pieces but here’s to me trying to get things back onto track.

And for the first post back, I felt that a recent purchase deserved […]

Mini Review & series retrospective – Dead or Alive Xtreme 3

Oh boy… Well, this one is going to be a little tricky. Not much needs to be said about DoA Xtreme 3. It’s development history is pretty much well known with the publishers quickly saying that they won’t publish it in the west and a few high profile people basically saying it’s due to “the […]

Mini Review: Damascus Gear Operation Tokyo

It’s been a while since I did a game review on this blog, mostly because I’ve been playing mostly bit AAA titles and there’s no real need to throw one more voice into the pile, but then there was a somewhat interesting PS Vita release last week which I picked up.

Damascus Gear is a […]

Mini Review: Tales of Xillia 2

It kinda feels that this blog is drifting away from its original purpose… Oh well. It’s not too often you find direct sequels for JRPGs and those which do get made are often though of as inferior to their predecessor and the series in general. Just think of FFX-2, or FFXIII-2 (though XIII was a […]

Mini Review: Astebreed

I had planned to make this post an update on HomuHomu (she’s coming along, albeit slowly) but over the weekend, I went and picked up the Humble Bundle Japan edition and within that bundle was this real gem of a game which has been out for a while but I think really deserves a mention […]

Mini Review: Deception IV: Blood Ties

It may surprise you that I’ve been a long time fan of the deception series. Heck, I first played it before it was even released in europe back in 1998. Sadly, I did miss the very first deception game from 1996 but I played Kagero: deception 2 while I was in Japan and, after fumbling […]

Mini Preview: Ace Combat Infinity beta

Free-to-play is a rather dirty phrase for video games right now. Mention it and you either think of really crappy games which hold back lots of content and items behind a paywall or games which basically force you to pony up to proceed. Some can work (Team Fortress 2, some MMORPGs) but most don’t and […]

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate

After the somewhat disappointing Arkham Origins on home consoles, I got a chance to play through the portable game which was released side by side with the big brother release. Arkham Origins Blackgate was released on the 3DS and Vita and it was the Vita version which I was able to pick up. I […]

Mini Review: Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Another break from posting about Celia (who is nearing completion. She should be done in a week or 2) so I thought I’d post something about a rather pleasant surprise game which I recently finished!

I have to admit that I have not been the biggest fan of the lego series of games. I […]

Mini Review: Arkham Origins

I’ll admit that I’m being a bit lazy with this post but I felt that it would be better to break up my various WIP posts of Celia, who is still coming along. In fact, Most of her body is completed and only detailing, head, cape and lance are needed. I may redo some […]