Mini Review: Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate

Dead or Alive has a bit of a bad rep due to its rather exagerated take on the female characters but I’ve always been a fan, focusing on the multi tier stages and fantastic counter system. Then things went a bit sour for me around DoA4, which introduced the mid-kick counter and cheap as […]

Mini Review: Dead or Alive 5

It was bound to happen. Ever since it was announced, this game was going to be part of my collection and after my impressions of the alpha demo, my excitement got pretty big! Then came the not so good stuff; changes to the powerblow into a comeback mechanic, 4 point counter system, etc. But after […]

First Impressions: Dead or Alive 5 Demo

Hurray for boobies!!! Wait… Nope, I got it right!

Seriously though, I am a pretty big fan of the Dead or Alive series. Afterall, I’ve played every version of the game and own all but DoA2 hardcore on PS2 and DoA for PS1. Heck, DoA dimensions is by far my most played game on […]