And suddenly, LOOT!

Apologies for the lack of updates in recent weeks. A combination of busy busy busy followed by a long-ish holiday where I basically shut down meant that I haven’t really done much in terms of model building or gaming. Well, the gaming bit was a lie but I went back to some of my older […]

Project: Vermillion (Part 1)

So I’ve finally gotten her to a stage where I think it’s OK to show her off.

Having said that, Putting her together has shown that she’s going to be exceptionally tricky to complete and the weight distribution is pretty poor. Going to probably need an additional base as an anchor…

Overall, it wasn’t […]

Here come a few new Challengers!

You’d think that, after nearly a month since I posted about my next project, I’d have something to show for it… Well, I don’t. I place the blame mostly on the frustrating but excellent XCOM: Enemy Unknown but there’s also the fact that it’s simply a big task to clean up the parts. Progress has […]

Next project is… Noel? Yeah, Noel!

Usually I’d go through a couple of weeks of procrastinating before finally settling on which kit I would be working on next but arguably, I’ve already done that! Initially, I was thinking of doing one of my Kiking kits but I finally received my invoice from Tokyo Hunter saying that I was able to obtain […]

Bloom Trigger!!

Normally I wouldn’t do this, but it’s very rare for a PVC figure to impress me like this weeks post did. The last one to do so was the Ichiban Kuji Black Bunny Sheryl Nome, and that one ended up as one of my fave figures of that year! Now, we can add another one […]

The Wheel of Fate is Turning. Rebel 1…

Well, this has proven rather annoying. For the first time I find myself with the desire to write about a certain something but am not allowed to. Embargo style!!! Actually, it’s self imposed but I don’t want anyone to get into trouble for it so everyone will just have to wait for my impressions of […]

Arc System Clash @ Gamerbase Trocadero

On Saturday, I attended a small Q&A event in central London with guests Ishiwatari Daisuke and Mori Toshimichi. For those who don’t know, Ishiwatari was responsible for the Guilty Gear games and Mori is the producer of the Blazblue games. The event was intended to allow a number of guests to ask the 2 some […]

Mini Review: Blazblue Continuum Shift

It’s here! After 2 months of delays, 6 months after the US and a full year after Japan, us Europeans finally get our hands on the sequel to Blazblue: calamity Trigger!

I managed to get my copy on Saturday, and have been pretty much playing it non-stop. I was one of the lucky few […]

MCM Expo Winter 2010 & Loot

Everytime the MCM expo comes around I tell myself that it’s not worth going to, and everytime (for the past few events) something drags my ass to the expo anyway. This time, I offered to speak to a Vinyl maker who was at the event on behalf of tomopop. That eventually changed to a brief […]

Head to Head: Super Streetfighter IV vs Blazeblue: Calamity Trigger

Had to be done really! This battle actually has extra relevance since I am one of the poor residents of the EU, Blazblue wasn’t released until 9 months after the US, which was a little over a month ago!! So it wasn’t given a significant amount of time to grow it’s userbase, whereas SSFIV […]