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Couldn’t think of any witty title to go with Asagi this time. I mean, how can you work a witty line with a character from an eroge? Tier??

She was actually completed last week but I decided to hold back posting her for a while. In any case, Asagi has now been completed!!

Previous […]

Project Taimanin (part 3)

Before I start, I’m going to go into rant mode for a single paragraph so you may want to skip down a little. I had managed to purge the fact that I had wasted an hour of my life watching the useless drivel that was the Black Rock Shooter OVA. In fact, I had purged […]

Project: Taimanin (Part 2)

After what feels like a while, I get to post about stuff which I started the blog for in the first place, my kits!!

First up, I thought I would I would post up a quick worded update on my HLJ Aisaka Taiga. You know? The one which I’m painting for Tomopop? Well, she’s pretty […]

Project: Taimanin (Part 1)

With all this talk of Taiga and new acquisitions, it’s easy to forget that I actually have another project on the go right now. This one is just a personal one so there’s no strings attached and I was just planning to use it as a testbed for some ideas.

So here’s how far I […]

The Best Laid Plans…

“No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.” Colin Powell

*Sigh* I had hoped to have found a little stability for my current situation by now but alas it was not meant to be. As it stands, I may need to find a new place to live in a months time which makes doing big […]