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Project: Yoko (ver Volks) Part 2

It’s usually the little things which sticks with you. When it comes to painting GK, the part which I look forward to the most is the detailing. The “little things”. Celia was fun but the amount of detailing needed was pretty small as she was mostly block colours. There was just a little gold here and there and panel lining. She was just so beautiful that it didn’t really matter. But Yoko has a fair bit to work on, and I’ve been distracted of late so I haven’t been working on her as much as I should have been. (thanks a bunch, super-expensive KOS-MOS!!)

but I’ve still managed to get some work done on her and there has been progress.

Painting large parts in a single colour with my airbrush is great and all, but I do like sitting down with just my paints, a few brushes and having to work on the little parts by hand. I still have the Gurren-dan logo on her back and her boots to paint but I’ll get to those soon enough!

A side shot of the details which have been done now. There’s not much left to do before Yoko is finished now. In terms of how things have gone, it’s pretty textbook. Nothing has really caused any issues, but since this is a volks kit (and a Try-GK at that) you don’t really expect any problems. Guess I should start thinking about my next project. I really want to start working on Bayonetta but I have nowhere to put her…

Mini Review: Wii U

OK, I’ve put this off long enough. Over christmas, I received a Wii U as a gift and have been putting it through its paces somewhat so I figure now is a decent time to give my thoughts on it.


The Wii U has been having a hard time of late as its sales numbers are pretty damn low. Much of that can be attributed to a somewhat lacklustre games library. While there are some good games on the system, there isn’t enough to keep a sustained interest in the system. For me, I got a bundle with New Super mario Bros U and Super Mario 3D world. As an added bonus, the christmas period saw a sale for certain wii U titles on the online store and I was able to get launch title, Zombie U for £7.  So armed with 3 titles, I put my new system through its paces!

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Anime Roundup: Winter 2014

Hurrah! The new anime season is upon us so dive into more shows and increase our backlog even further!! Wait…

Actually, the winter season tends to be one of the weaker ones of the year as it’s following on from the biggest one. Not that this has prevented my watch list from ballooning, mostly due to the studios having grasped my weakness and thrown in a plethora of mecha shows. And I will always make room for a mecha show! But first, let’s take a look at what has come by from last season.

Best Show

Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova

This one was a bit of a surprise. A slow starter, initially it seemed to thrust you too far into the deep end and then dragged you along kicking and screaming but once you got your bearings, it turned out to be a very well thought out, well paced show and one I looked forward to quite a bit. It diverged a fair bit from the source material but I’m not too worried for any potential sequels.

Honourable Mentions

Strike the Blood

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Project: Yoko (ver Volks)

The first proper post of 2014 and so we should go with a post which this blog was set up to share! You may remember that I was preparing a second kit for painting along with Celia. Well, with Celia completed it meant that I can go straight into painting Yoko! And it was a pretty quick job. The only issue I’ve experienced so far was that the tubing for my airbrush finally gave up the goat and started leaking. Had no choice but to buy new tubing in order to continue using my airbrush. Well, it had a good run!

but fortunately, it didn’t take much effort to get this far.

I’ve only done the solid colours for now so I still need to do the detailing on the parts but I might be doing a small live stream for Tomopop in the near future and I thought doing the detailing then would be kinda neat. I also just received a really big parcel which I wasn’t able to set up properly in time for a photoshoot this week (and probably won’t do one anyway). I’ve been waiting over a year for this thing!! Maybe you’ll see her on the stream or random events or meets.

Quick back shot for Yoko. You can see the Gurren Dan logo and she also has a bit of a buttcrack visible!

In any case, Yoko has actually been a fair bit of fun to paint, despite being sitting on my “to do” pile for so long. I think this is the oldest kit in my pile, save for the Knight of Gold which is reserved to be my last kit I ever make. Yoko recently got a re-release along with Saber as part of the Charagumin line of colour resin kits from Volks. Personally, I prefer the try-GK version, since you’ll need to paint her anyway. Anyway, I’m not sure when I’ll get around to finishing her off but I don’t suspect it’ll be much longer. That is, if I can pull myself away from Muramasa Rebirth on the Vita. Must… get… platinum… Trophy!!!

(I also got a Wii U over the holidays but only Super Mario bros Wii U and super Mario 3D world. 3D world is brilliant but super Mario Wii U is actually kinda frustrating. I also managed to get Zombie U for cheap during a sale on the online marketplace. Maybe I’ll do a more in depth review later on.)

Another one bites the dust

Man, and I thought 2012 ended badly… 2013 seemed to just want to carry on the way it started and I am very glad to see the back of this year!!

Still, some things didn’t change, like the flux of anime shows which have come and gone. Some are remembered while others are forgotten. But here are the shows which made the biggest impression on me.

Shin Sekai Yori

Psycho Pass

Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru sou desu yo

jojo copy

majestic prince

Majestic Prince was far and away my favourite show of the year but I am a mecha nut. Shin Sekai Yori was the show which stuck with me the most and Psycho Pass had a very interesting premise but kinda fizzled at the end. Mondaiji was just fun but I wanted more…

And now, the other list…

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Ride of the Walkure!!

Bit of a late post this week as it’s close to Christmas so things are getting rather busy. That and (more importantly) I couldn’t think of a witty pun for the title!! I had thought I used this for a past post but after going through a quick check, that proved to not be the case so I can use it! And of course, I will be using it for the best heroine in Walkure Romanze; Celia Kumani Aintree!!

And she’s finished just before the anime ends as well! How about that? Just a shame that she wasn’t given a more prominent role in it…

Despite basically being a block metal colour, I had immense fun painting her and I’m glad that I buckled down and bought her before we even knew very much about her or the game she starred in (the original game was eternally delayed so the first few GK from Volks ended up being released before the game they were meant to promote…).

I still have one more in the shape of Ryozouji Akane but let’s enjoy the view of Celia for now. We know that Akane would!

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Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate

After the somewhat disappointing Arkham Origins on home consoles, I got a chance to play through the portable game which was released side by side with the big brother release. Arkham Origins Blackgate was released on the 3DS and Vita and it was the Vita version which I was able to pick up. I had some hopes for this game as much of the preview videos painted the game as a sort of metroidvania type game, which happens to be one of my favourite genres!

The story picks up a mere few weeks after the end of Arkham origins. All the major villains in the main game have been incarcerated in Blackgate prison and the first stage introduces you to catwoman. You chase her down and that doubles as a tutorial for the game basics, which are just toned down versions of the main systems in the main game. Your combat still revolves around 2 buttons, attack and counter, detective mode is still there and a new feature called scan mode, where you need to touch the screen on various parts of interest to analyse them before being able to use them is a new addition to the gameplay. After you catch catwoman, the game begins proper with a prison riot which you go in to quell. You quickly meet up with catwoman who gives you information on the situation and news that there are hostages in a special wing at the bottom of Blackgate, who you will need to rescue. The prison has been split into 3 main areas controlled by the Penguin, the Joker and Black Mask so you know who the big bads are straight away and you set off to take them down and rescue the hostages.

The game uses an odd 2.5D style of look where the gameplay is effectively locked into a 2D plane but the camera moves around to give a 3D feel even though your movements are limited to left and right. Furthermore, you are frequently able to move into or out of the plane to get into vents or ledges in order to proceed. The story is pushed forward with comic-style cutscenes which do a decent job of portraying what’s going on before you regain control and move to your next objective. Initially, you start off with just a baterang but your arsenal will expand as the game progresses and you will be able to explore more areas which were previously inaccessible. Overall, I think I prefer Arkham Asylum out of all the games thus far as the linear path led to a rather tight and involving story. My only complaint was that it was so close to being a metroidvania game yet wasn’t. The level design was too rigid to allow for exploration and that destroyed the illusion. So I was really hoping that Blackgate would scratch that itch and make for a good metroidvania game. Well, it tried. but ultimately failed…

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Mini Review: Lego Marvel Super Heroes


Another break from posting about Celia (who is nearing completion. She should be done in a week or 2) so I thought I’d post something about a rather pleasant surprise game which I recently finished!

I have to admit that I have not been the biggest fan of the lego series of games. I tried getting into Lego Indiana Jones and Lego Batman but the games felt too simple and lacked depth for me. Then I heard good things about lego batman 2 but it wasn’t enough to sway me. But recently, I was given the chance to play the latest game, lego Marvel Superheroes and decided to take the plunge. Afterall, it was no skin off my neck and in terms of overall stables, I do prefer Marvel over DC.

And the result kinda surprised me! Basically, the game is pretty much a sandbox open world game but the initial story missions are completely separate and link up to eachother in a linear fashion. The sandbox element only really takes off once you complete the main story mode and want to collect new characters and the like, and boy, are there a lot of characters to collect!! The main story mode isn’t very long either but there’s plenty to do once you see the credits roll. The question is, do you want to spend time with it?

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Project: Walkure C (Part 4)

At this point, we should be near the final stretch for the kit but upon checking things, I have a feeling I’m going to want to go back to several parts and repaint them… Then there’ still the bit about the eyes, the most hated part of any kit I paint. Volks were kind enough to supply decals for the eyes but they can sometimes do more harm than good due to the exact nature of the placement and size. Still, that’s something to consider for another day. For now…

The cape was done by simply spraying the whole thing pastel blue and then going over it completely with white. The white wasn’t able to cover the blue completely (despite some rather heavy handed application of the white) so left a nice effect behind. I think I’ll redo the clothing under the armour to try and match the cape more. At the moment, they’re still a bit too deep for my liking.

The hair will also need some adjustment as I think it’s still too yellow. The problem with blonde is that it’s not a straight up yellow hair colour, it’s far more subtle but even in the anime art, Celia is portrayed as having a more light Grey-yellow (platinum blonde?) colour to her hair and that’s something I want to try and capture. Still, it’s better than what I had initially…

Here’s a before and after shot of the colours I was using. The left was solid yellow and the right was the adjusted colour using a colour called “dirty yellow”. It’s almost there but not quite. Might need to mix some white into the mix to get the desired effect…

Another comparison shot with the 2 drill hair bits. The adjustments to the colours might take a while since the solution to the hair colour is illusive and the blue garments will require a lot of masking and other bothersome tasks but Celia should be finished before the series concludes… Man, I really wanted a Celia route in my anime!!!

Project: Walkure C (Part 3)

And now back to our regularly scheduled posting… For as long I can anyway. The alien menace is back and I must return to XCOM to fight the enemy within!!!

Still, Progress on Celia has been pretty solid, though the fact that she’s mostly solid colours helped a fair bit!

And I’m sure I’ve said this before but it bears repeating… The level of detail on the armour is insane!!! Leaving the parts as solid paint colours didn’t reallysit well with me so I painted in the details in a similar manner to how I handle panel lines on Gunpla. The result is much greater visibility on the patterns but I do wonder if it’s a bit too much…

I’m also wondering if the colour for the clothing under the armour is the correct choice. At the moment, it’s a somewhat sky blue colour but I’m wondering if it’s better served if I made it more white…

And here’s a proper look at some of the detailing on the armour. There’s still some more to do but I’d say it’s around 70~80% done at this stage. I do need to paint the lance still though… That will take some time.

But next up is the cape and head. Think I’ll give Celia a more light hair colour as opposed to going full blonde. Not sure how I’m going to pull it off though…