Please set your GP base!

It’s been a while since I last did a gunpla. In fact, the last one was the RG Freedom gundam which was completed almost 2 years ago! And before that, the last MG kit was Unicorn way back in 2009! I did the PG kits in between them like the awesome Red frame, 00 Gundam and strike freedom but PG kits are a separate beast.

Well, it’s time to change that. It’s almost a tradition for me to get at least 1 gunpla kit when I go to Hong Kong but I forgot last time so I made sure I wasn’t going to make the same mistake a second time around and purchased the MG Build Strike Gundam from Gundam Build Fighters. No Universe Booster unfortunately so there’s no Star Build Strike but I think I prefer the vanilla build strike!

Now, the kit isn’t completely done yet as it’s a straight OOB build. I still need to do the panel lines and minor details but it’s enough to show off for now.

I think the RG kits left a bad taste in my mouth as the Build Strike was actually quite fun to put together. Having said that, it took me 3 sittings to complete the whole thing and I’m sure I used to be able to rattle off MG kits in 1 evening. I must be getting old!

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Well, after a much needed break I have come back from a trip to Hong Kong! I seem to do this once every few years it seems but this time was much more subdued than before. Still, it didn’t stop me from getting loot! It’s just not as much as before!

And here is the bulk of it! What can I say? You can never have too much Sheryl Nome! Also, I remembered to actually buy a gunpla while I was over there! Last time, I forgot and I was really kicking myself for forgetting. Previously, I had ALWAYS returned with at least 1 gunpla kit. Sometimes, it was a couple of MG kits, other times it was a PG kit (like when I bought the PG GP-01 and had to post it back due to its size!) I wanted more but due to luggage constraints, I was only able to purchase 1 and I settled on the Build Strike Gundam from Gundam Build Fighters. And despite the smaller size of items, I really didn’t have any space left in my luggage to bring anything else back (tho I probably would have liked to try to bring back a HGBF burning and winning gundam despite my preference towards 1/100 scale or taller). There were also a few figures which I would have loved to have bought but had absolutely no way of getting them back home, like the Alter Kazuno from Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon! The various Sheryl figures were acquired by walking around the various small stores around Mong Kok and Wan Chai. I was very fortunate to have been able to see Q from Daybreaks Bell again and had a great time while walking with him, checking out the various stores!

As for the MS Unicorn Girl extra parts, I was actually rather uninterested when they first came up for pre-order but when I saw it at one of the Animate shops in HK, I caved. I haven’t actually bothered to take the parts out of the box and onto the MS girl yet but I’m sure I’ll do it soon. It’s also likely that the Build Strike will be my next project as I need to get back into the groove before I tackle the Neo Zeong and PG unicorn later!

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Blue flame of the Valkyria!

Yay! She’s finished, and just in time too cos I’m off on holiday for a week after this! In any case, here’s the completed Charagumin Selvaria Bles from Valkyria Chronicles!

like most Charagumin kits, she’s actually very quick to build and paint once you get going and because the parts are (mostly) molded in the correct colour, you can actually get away with skipping the priming of the parts. The paint sticks pretty well so long as you clean the parts like you should.

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Project: Selvaria (Part 2)

Just a very quick update on Selvaria this time. Thankfully, being a colour resin kit, painting has gone by very quickly since the parts are already molded in the correct colours (kind of).

Much of the detailing has been done now with just the cuffs needing to be done. After that, I just need to tidy up some of the fine details to make her more presentable and paint the eyes and she’s done. I might redo the hair though. I do kinda like the effect but I think the hair is too dark for our little Valkyria. In any case, the project is coming to a close now so I should start thinking about my next work. I’m thinking either Heartbeat Hatsune Miku or Fate… Or perhaps I should get one of my 1/4 scale kits out of the way since I intend to add Selvaria to the list next year when Volks makes her available.

Mini Review: Freedom Wars

Been a pretty busy couple of weeks after a slow start. Went to my 3rd Distant Worlds concert on Saturday and Selvaria is making incredibly quick progress due to her being a Charagumin kit. Even running out of paint and not getting more until the middle of last week didn’t slow her progress down. In fact, I would wager that she will be complete very soon, although not too soon as I have been spending a lot of time on Freedom Wars on my PS Vita!



The game is the latest full game release on the Vita (something we haven’t seen in a while) and is basically a monster hunter type game. There are a few available on the Vita but I never really got into Soul Sacrifice and God Eater 2 was never released outside of japan. I fell into God Eater burst quite late but went in quite deep when I bought it on sale for my Vita a while back. There was something compelling about going to complete all the missions and Freedom Wars scratches the same itch for me.

There is a plot but it doesn’t really mean much in the game. It’s the far distant future and people are divided into 2 classes, citizens and sinners. Citizens are basically the upper class who are deemed to have specific skillsets which help their city while sinners are considered a drain on limited resources and are given a mandatory 1,000,000 year prison sentence once they are born. It’s not all cushy for the citizens though as they are considered resources and so are frequently captured by rival cities to help them maintain their systems. As a sinner, you find yourself with your long prison sentence and no rights at the start of the game (seriously, you’re not allowed to sleep lying down initially!) and any infractions means additional years on your sentence but they don’t really add to much in the long run. An addition of 10 years means little to a 1,000,000 year sentence! As you progress, you earn points which can be spent on privileges such as sleeping lying down, running for more than 5 seconds and being allowed to leave your cell! That’s when the game properly takes off.

There’s not much to say about the hub, it’s pretty basic and drab with its main purpose being to give you areas in which to proceed with the story. The missions are where things really heat up! You pick missions to complete and can have up to 3 other players which can be AI or your friends. Each character also gets an “accessory” which is only AI controlled but basically acts as a secondary character to support you. There are 3 basic mission types, rescue citizens, destroy all enemies and a domination type game where you must capture certain points on the map and hold them at the end of the stage. Enemies come in 2 main forms, other sinners from other cities and mechanical enemies called abductors which vary in size from small pods to massive behemoths which have several parts and can capture citizens, your accessory (if incapacitated) or even yourself! If you lose your accessory, then you need to complete a special mission to get it back, and those can be rather tough!

The game has both ranged and melee weapons available and you can take up to 2 into a mission while being able to pick up a 3rd while in the mission. Ranged weapons like pistols and assault rifles are very effective on other sinners and small abductors but pretty useless on larger ones while heavy weapons (like miniguns and rocket launchers) and melee weapons are good against large abductors but terrible against smaller enemies. Some melee weapons also allow you to sever parts from the large abductors and diminish their effectiveness by depriving them of weapons and providing you with extra materials to collect. The game also has an additional weapon called the Thorn which has multiple uses. The primary one is that it latches on to most surfaces and can then be used to traverse large distances in a short space of time, kinda like web-slinging if you’re spider-man. Another use (and the one you’ll probably use most) is that it can be used to latch onto parts of an abductor and drag it down to give you and your team some time to really smack it down. Thorns come in 1 of 3 types, an offensive binding type, defensive shield type and a healing type. By charging your attack, you can access special abilities unique to that particular thorn. Shield thorns can create barriers which prevent enemy projectiles from going through but allows yours to pass and a fully charged bind thorn attack can stun enemies and stop them moving for a period of time. The ability to move using your thorn adds some verticality to the maps and really helps make the battles with larger enemies more dramatic as you can latch onto their shoulders and try to sever their arms for example and it helps make the game stand out.

That’s pretty much it for the description, how was the game?

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Project: Selvaria (part 1)

Sometimes, you just need to know when to take a step back for a bit. After lots of procrastinating and work on Homura which basically just led to the discovery of more faults which needed to be fixed… Volks finally put my ass into gear this weekend when they unveiled their 1/4 scale Selvaria Bles at Hobby Round 12! I’m definitely going for one of those, but that does mean that I have another selvaria which should be completed before I get the new big hotness and that would be the 1/6 scale charagumin Selvaria which I purchased a while back. Initially, I was really feeling like finally working on my 1/4 scale Volks Bayonetta kit since the sequel is due for release at the end of this week but Selvaria won out since it’s much easier to find space for a 1/6 scale standing figure as opposed to a 1/4 scale figure with a straddle pose!

Anyway, I firstly tried to get do a “before” shot of the figure before I started to paint her but wasn’t really successful as the parts fit were good but the balance was awful so many of the parts won’t stay together unless you glue them…

So the prelim build is missing a lot of parts, especially the cape but that will be present in the finished version.

One good thing about the charagumin line is that, since the parts are already coloured, you can technically do away with the priming of the parts as the paint will stick reasonably well after washing and the underlying colour should be pretty close to what you’re trying to achieve anyway (unless you’re going for a variant colour scheme, in which case, priming is needed again) but this particular kit still needs tonnes of detailing so that’s what I started on. Most of the detailing on the boots are easy but the problem comes when you get to the tights as they’re black with gold trim…

… which means that I had to spend a lot of time with thinned gold paint to get the colour into all the crevices which led to a lot of overspill. Once the gold paint dried, I had to go over the raised area again with black paint to tidy up the detailing, which took forever!!! On the plus side, unlike with Homura, the effects were immediate and it didn’t just highlight more problems which needed to be fixed so I only needed to do a once-over.

And this is the current situation with Selvaria. The left leg has been painted and detailed, including the skintone for the inner thigh and belly. The right leg still needs to be painted though and then I can start working my way up. The shot above was mostly to show the contrast between the painted and unpainted parts. Sufficed to say, it’s a REALLY good idea to paint Selvaria (or pretty much any Charagumin kit for that matter). We’ll have to see how quickly she progresses but she’s already way more fun to work on than HomuHomu…

The only problem is that Bayonetta 2 is waiting on the horizon…

Anime Roundup: Autumn 2014

Blimey, this season is going to get really busy! There are quite a few must watch shows for this season and I’m still wrapping up a couple of ones from the previous season! Have to admit that there were a few surprises from the summer season and not all of them were good. Still, lets take a look at the season just wrapped up first before Moving on to the new stuff!

Best Show

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

HANDS DOWN the best show of the season. I was reading it before the anime aired so I already knew some of the dynamics and mini-stories but there was something about watching them animated which made all the jokes fresh and new! Definitely a keeper!

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The Alpha and the Omega

YAY! An actual modelling post! And trust it to be KOS-MOS who broke me out of the funk! It was the ver 4 Plamo from Kotobukiya before and this time, it’s ver 1!

KOS-MOS ver 4 is the darling of the series. She’s the best known design and the one which gets all the attention but I have a real soft spot for the original Ver 1, which simply came out at the wrong time, before the figure scene was booming. There were a few figures made of Ver 1 but not many. I own 2 and this would be my 3rd.

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Mini Review: Tales of Xillia 2

It kinda feels that this blog is drifting away from its original purpose… Oh well. It’s not too often you find direct sequels for JRPGs and those which do get made are often though of as inferior to their predecessor and the series in general. Just think of FFX-2, or FFXIII-2 (though XIII was a turd anyway). The tales of series can’t escape that fate either. We’ve had Tales of Destiny 2 (a decent enough game but not as good as Destiny) and Tales of Symphonia: dawn of the new world. The less said about that, the better!

And so we come to Tales of Xillia 2, a direct sequel to Tales of Xillia which was released a year ago. Does it break the curse of the poor sequel? Erm… no.



The story of Xillia 2 takes place 1 year after the events of XIllia so all that stuff you saw in the epilogue in the first game happened with only Leia really being markedly different from what the first game showed (she’s a journalist now instead of helping out at her family inn). The main character this time is Ludger Kresnik, a man with a mysterious power which allows him to go into alternate dimensions and destroy distortions within those dimensions and effectively wipe them out of existence. That kinda raises an interesting question about whether he’s destroying worlds or “merely” eliminating possibilities. Anyway, early on you meet a little girl by the name of Elle who joins up with you and you journey together. You also find ludgers brother being blamed for a terrorist attack and, due to a major event at the start of the game, you’re saddled with an immense amount of debt which you need to pay off in order to progress in the game.

Gameplay-wise, Xillia 2 keeps most of the systems from the first game. This is a very good thing as Xillia is definitely one of the better entries in the series. If I took the time to get the platinum trophy for it, you know it’s doing something right! But there are some changes here and there. Not all of them for the better. Now, the game limits you to 4 characters in dungeons and the world map. You can only change your party members (assuming they are available) at towns and you can no longer swap them out during battle. Lillium orbs have been replaced with allium orbs which allow you to accumulate element points which will unlock skills and artes when you gain a certain amount of them. Some are unlocked when you have enough of 2 different elements and it’s generally less linear than the lillium orbs in Xillia but it makes it very difficult to plan your characters growth too far ahead. Attacks are now also split into strike, slash and gun attacks with enemies being strong and weak to these new attack types as well as elements.

And then, there’s the debt. At certain points in the game, you need to make a payment towards clearing your debt before you are able to progress in the story. A job board allows you to take on sub-quests to bring in money to pay the debt if the main story didn’t provide enough. a neat enough idea but it tends to hinder more than make things interesting… The battle system is pretty much identical to the one seen in Xillia along with link artes and sacred artes returning for another round. The areas you visit are the same as the ones seen in the first game, although there are a few new areas and others have been expanded. Still, seeing the exact maps again in the game does feel a little lazy on the part of the devs.

Tales of Xillia 2 had some really big shoes to fill and it didn’t manage to do so but there were some bits which were worked well…

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Unboxing: Tales of Xillia 2 Ludger Kresnik Collectors Edition

Thought I’d do something a little different for this weeks post. I’ve been playing around with my various video camera equipment while trying to find the best options for a different video review for something else which should appear soon but as a test, I was using the camera which came with the Call of Duty Ghosts Prestige edition (which I got for free last year at the Eurogamer Expo) to try an unboxing video for the special edition of Tales of Xillia 2 which was released last week. So, here’s the video!




I haven’t gotten very far in the game so I’m not in a position to review it yet but so far, I’d say it’s enjoyable enough but inferior to Xillia (and by extension, vesperia and Abyss). But the trinkets in the limited edition were cool!