Mini Review: Xenoblade Chronicles X

It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve done a mini-review and this one kinda deserves it since I’ve been sinking so much time into it. Xenoblade Chronicles X is basically the sequel to Xenoblade Chronicles on the wii… Except they have almost nothing in common save for some elements of the combat system. The world is different, the characters and settings are different… hell, everything is different. It has less in common with Xenoblade Chronicles than most Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games have with eachother!! Basically, the Xeno- name has no meaning anymore as a game series but luckily, that hasn’t affected the game itself!

You start off creating a character and are then thrust straight into the world of Mira. You are told that Earth got destroyed when 2 galactic powers got into a pissing match with the planet and humans being caught in the middle. A few ships managed to escape and yours was one but it was chased down by the aliens and crash landed on Mira. And thus starts your adventure.
The game itself is, for all intents and purposes, a single player, offline MMORPG (although there are multiplayer parts to it). The core of the game will feel very familiar to anyone who has played an MMO and the world itself is absolutely massive, with distinct regions to explore and areas and secrets to discover. Battles are done in a pseudo-realtime manner, with your character automatically attacking targeted enemies once you are in range and have drawn your weapon, just like in Xenoblade Chronicles. All basic attacks are done automatically and in a set timing so you can run around and your character will simply attack at certain intervals, unless you perform a special art move, which supercedes regular attacks.

The story unveils itself slowly with the completion of specific quests which can be taken at any time (tho there are pre-requisites for later chapters which need to be fulfilled before they can be undertaken). Later on in the game, you are able to pilot mecha called skells, which greatly helps in exploration and battles. In between story missions, there are minor missions which can be undertaken to increase your understanding of the other characters and the world in general and other minor quests which can be completed at your leisure. These quests usually fall into a “go to x” category or “defeat y number of enemies” to “collect z number of items.” which is very MMO and comes with all the pitfalls you’d expect from it.

The game itself is very open world and you can tackle it at your leisure and you can tackle things how you want but how is it?

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Long Live the Queen!

Apologies for the late post. This really should have come last week but I got lazy and I’m still not too sure if this is something which should be posted… Long time readers will know that I’m not a fan of dolls and, despite owning a few, this has mostly still held true. However, my love of certain characters wins out over my dislike of dolls. That was why I got KOS-MOS and so, 1 year ago, when Volks announced that they were doing a Dollfie Dream of Sheryl Nome, after I cursed for a good hour or so, I was up at 4 am to put my order in as soon as reservations opened!

Like hell I was going to miss out on this! It’s freaking SHERYL NOME!!

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Commission(?) 1: U-511 (KanKolle) (part 1)

Well, this is a little awkward… A while back, I was contacted by an acquaintance whom I met before at MCM expo via twitter and was asked if I was interested in doing a GK for him. Normally, I’d pass but because he was someone I knew and I didn’t have any reason to reject it outright, things kinda spiraled until he handed me two kits at the last MCM expo to build… and they’re both KanKolle kits…

Normally, I wouldn’t touch KanKolle kits with a 50ft pole but I guess that’s one of the lures of doing commissions. You may end up doing kits of series which you otherwise would not do. In any case, after procrastinating for a while (and losing myself in Tales of Zestiria and Onechanbara Z2: Chaos), I finally cracked open one of the kits to do a parts check and basic cleanup of the major bits.

Not being a fan of KanKolle makes my knowledge of the character very limited but she would be based off the german U-boats. Until now, I had only known about Bismark and Prinz Eugen being in the game but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that there are others. I have to admit that I’m very surprised at the parts quality (at least on first look) of this kit. Everything looks really well made and the fits are spot on so, with any luck, this shouldn’t encounter many hiccups.

One thing I did notice was that the pic of the completed kit shows an effect part showing a torpedo launching from the U-Boat. That’s missing from the rest of the parts as far as I can tell so I guess the maker expects you to do it yourself. Not sure if I’ll go that far as, since it’s not my own kit, I’m not comfortable with experimenting with possible solutions, in case it all goes to pot. No reason to make the kit worse if I can help it, right? The actual ship parts are also shown to be rather complex with quite a lot of inner detail which, for the most part, won’t actually be seen once the kit is completed on account of them all being covered…

Naturally, Fate has been put aside for now though I will still work on her in passing when there’s overlap between her and this kit but as far as modelling goes, this U-Boat will be my main project for a while. I wonder how long this one will take to build…

Mini Review: onechanbara Z2 chaos

Back in the day, a publisher by the name of D3 released a series of games in Japan called the “simple series”. They were budget titles made on shoestring budgets and it showed. Some titles made their way to the west. The 2 best known are earth defence force and onechanbara. EDF was a very simple title with badly animated soldiers shooting up giant alien ants and gathered a cult following. Onechanbara had a bikini clad female swordsman clicking up large numbers of zombies. Both series gathered moderate success and several titles have been released in the west since the initial games.

And with the latest onechanbara game released on the PS4, I thought I’d give it a shot. The game initially retailed as a full priced game, a far cry from the budget beginnings but I found copies on sale at the MCM expo for £25 so I thought “why not?”


The game plays a bit like a cross between a poor mans bayonetta and dynasty warriors. Up to 100 zombies can be on screen at once and many don’t take much to be dispatched. Combat is simple but satisfying and is a little more involved. You can delay inputs to change combos and there’s more to do other than simply mash the attack button like in warriors games (but you can do that too). You control 4 slayers and can swap between them at any time with a bar beneath each character slowly filling up. When full, you can summon the characters on the screen to attack all at once for a period of time, which means 4 slayers on the screen wreaking havoc. You also have bars for super moves, which fill as you combo your attacks and a weapon and blood meter which increase as you kill enemies and drown your character in blood.when full, the blood meter allows you to transform into a super mode while a full weapon meter is actually detrimental as your weapon strength lowers as th  blood dulls the blades so you need to periodically clean them. It’s not much but it’s a neat way to break the pace a bit.

As for the rest of the gameplay, there isn’t much. The game basically revolves around you moving your character from area to area, get sealed in and then proceed to wipe out anything  which isn’t one of your 4 heroines. There is a plot which ties into the previous games but it’s all very much cheap B-movie stuff so if you’re taking it seriously, what the hell is wrong with you?

I mean, even the costumes and DLC pretty much spell out how much depth the makers expect you to uncover…


Yep, those are genuine costumes you can put on your characters in the game! Basically, the game looks mid-last gen, doesn’t take itself seriously, hams it right up for the story and has 2 characters (by default) wearing hats and bikinis slicing up zombies! That should tell you right there if it may be worth a dip for you, but for a closer look…

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Anime Roundup: Autumn 2015

Well , colour me surprised! For a season which didn’t look like it had much going for it, the summer season turned out to be pretty strong with a fair few decent shows in the mix. Of course, now we are in the autumn season and this is where the really big guns come out. Still, let’s take a look at the previous season first.

Best Show


Oh man, this show was laugh out loud funny. It kinda lost its way when it had to inject some actual plot into the proceedings but there was something so refreshingly entertaining watching a show which was so unashamedly ecchi and played it to full effect. Still not as good as Seitokai Yakuindomo though…

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After Dark Festival

It’s been a long time since I did one of these kind of reviews. I’ve generally avoided buying adult kits for some time as the build quality really hasn’t been good. My review of CA Yoko kinda went into NSFW territory but it wasn’t a full blown ero kit like my Shiratori Amane review way back when…

Well, manufacturing has gone through leaps and bounds since Amane and I’ve been saying for a while that many of the ero figures for release these days are actually more exciting and dynamic than most of the regular releases from big companies, most likely owing to cost and general restrictions for the license. As a result, many figures have plain standing poses of popular anime characters while the ero ones have had much more room to play around. Having said that, I’ve shied away from buying an ero figure for a while now simply because I have been unsure if the poor quality issues from older figures have been resolved. Afterall, there’s not much money to be made from ero kits so quality can be very variable. Well, this one impressed me enough to take the plunge and I’m glad I did! This figure is pretty damn great!!!

Consider this your warning… This review will go very heavily into the NSFW territory so if you are not in a position to view such material, do not read on!!!

OK? Well, in that case, lets take a look at Tougane Matsuri from Skytube!


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Project: True Sonic Fate (part 4)

Another quick update this week. I had hoped that I would have my ost recent amiami purchases by now but parcelforce are being parcelforce and have sat on it for almost a month! I’ve also fixed a wrong and bought my favourite transformers gestalt in the form of unite warriors superion so maybe you’ll see that In The near future. But for now, we’re getting s little more progress on Fate

 photo image_zps3gqjpd1x.jpeg

the upper body and head are close to being done now. There are some minor extra parts which need to be completed, such as the belt, but those can be done at any time and will probably be next on my “to do” list. Just making some slow but steady progress, shame that it will likely grind to a halt soon as I need to finish tales of xillia 2 in anticipation for tales of zesteria in a couple of weeks!

Project: True Sonic Fate (part 3)

Just a quick update this time around while trying something different with posting. I’m using WordPress on iPad for this one as it would make posting smaller updates on my projects easier if I choose to go down this route. 

Never really used it until now due to various limitations, such as not being able to properly utilise photos stored on sites like photobucket and Flickr (photos uploaded from the device are stored locally on the blog instead) and I can’t push the posts onto other social media sites either but I guess I can do that later if need be.

In any case, it’s just a quick post on the current status of fate. Painting has started but I’m definitely rusty as I made a few rookie mistakes which dragged things on as I had to redo several parts after messing up. Might still go back and redo some small bits (for example, there’s a small amount of white bleed from the panties to the thigh, but that will be covered by the main body once completed so it’s not a priority right now) but for now, the fun part of the project has properly started.


Knock Knock

Just a quick post to say that I’m not dead, just kinda fried and burned out due to life and work stuff. Seriously, the past month has been just… well, shit!

Fortunately, Fate has still been progressing, albeit slowly but I have reached a point where I think I can start painting her so when that starts, hopefully, posts will become more regular again. My recent amiami purchases should be arriving soon and at least one is worth showing off, maybe next week!

Wonder Festival 2015 Summer roundup

Truthfully, this should have been posted last week but I was neck deep in working off the Tomopop coverage at the time so this personal post got pushed back. Also, like the winter event, there weren’t really any stand out kits this time around either. Having said that, I can’t really say that this years show was a particular stand out overall. Everything was just meh, even the corporate booths.

Still, there were a couple of kits I rather liked…

Can’t say I’m a huge fan of Kongou in Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio as a character but I do like her design and this kit captures one of my preferred scenes very well. Also, it’s a bit weird that both this version and the KanColle version has a real affinity for tea…

I can’t say no to this beauty! Virtual on has been one of my favourite game series since I started playing it on ye olde Sega Saturn and Viper 2 was my “go to” unit for the first game and this series in general, so Cypher, Myrz, etc! This is just one massive nostalgia trip for me!

Those 2 were definitely the 2 most wanted for me but there were a few other kits which piqued my interest as well!

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