Future Projects

This page contains a list of all the model kits I have yet to build as well as any other items which may be complete but have yet to be reviewed. So basically, it’s my “to do” pile! It may provide a small teaser for some of you if there is something in particular you want to see and it also means that I won’t lose track of what needs to be done, in theory…
Be warned that some completed figures may never get a review and will be removed in due course.

Where possible, I have added the manufacturer/sculptor next to the name of the character. if you are able to fill in the blanks, please let me know and I will update the page.


Current Project(s)

Mirei-San bust by Shunya Yamashita

Izanagi by Rampage Ghost


Resin Kits

Hanekawa Tsubasa By T’s System

KOS-MOS by Volks (yes, that is an original KOS-MOS and not a recast!)

Taimanin Asagi by ooxoo

Takamachi Nanoha By 83℃

Fate Testarossa by ???

Rozen Maiden by ???

C.C. By Yoiko Q

Saber By Misaki Serika (Volks/a-brand)

Aisaka Taiga by Abiraun

Yoko vs Antispiral by Misaki Serika (Try-GK)



Knight of Gold with Buster Rock By Volks

VF25 Alto custom by Bandai

Gundam Exia by Bandai


Awaiting Review

LAFC Sheryl Nome by Megahouse (Stage version)