Project: True Sonic Fate (part 3)

Just a quick update this time around while trying something different with posting. I’m using WordPress on iPad for this one as it would make posting smaller updates on my projects easier if I choose to go down this route. 

Never really used it until now due to various limitations, such as not being able […]

Knock Knock

Just a quick post to say that I’m not dead, just kinda fried and burned out due to life and work stuff. Seriously, the past month has been just… well, shit!

Fortunately, Fate has still been progressing, albeit slowly but I have reached a point where I think I can start painting her so when […]

Moving along…

And so, we wave goodbye to 2014. And as such, here’s a look back at the anime, movies and video games for the year (well, what I can remember of it!). After 2013, 2014 was much more stable and with more to look forward to. Plus, I was able to see Q again in Hong […]

photobucket issue

Sorry guys. Don’t know how it happened but it seems that photobucket seems to believe that I have used up my months bandwidth (although this has never happened before) in the space of 7 days.

What makes it worse is that the useless site doesn’t give out any stats to show where all this new […]

Mini Review: Persona 4 Arena

Well, it finally happened. Just when pretty much everyone (including myself) had given up on the game, P4A FINALLY got a UK release!! Also, Microsoft announced their next generation Xbox, called the Xbox One. I can sum that up in one sentence. If I was a white, jock, suburban american male, who loves his […]

Change we can believe in! Dolls, BANZAI!!!

OK, I’m man enough to admit when I’m wrong and I have no idea how I got the notion that BJD are creepy with their stares which seem to look through you and their “real” hair (I swear, those things grow! Just like in those ghost stories!!) but I hearby renounce my ways and state […]


I guess I should start with the most obvious. By now, everyone would have heard of the events which occurred over the weekend and I can only hope that readers who have friends and family in Japan have found them to be safe and sound. I also have some friends in Japan and luckily, they […]

Winter Wonder Festival Preview 2011

Woo! Double post!! Don’t get used to it though. But seeing as Wonderfestival is this weekend and I’m still trying to sort out a shopping list, I thought I would post up a few of the kits which caught my attention. Overall, I have to say that there are quite a few good kits this […]

Attention! Calling all Valkyria Chronicles Fans!!

Oh how I love this pic!

But it seems that this week is a rather busy one in terms of posts. I have been asked to try and get some more people involved in a small fan project which is related to Valkyria Chronicles. A small group of people have decided to try and […]

The Calm before the Storm

Not really much of a post this week cos I’m feeling really lazy! No real progress on my kits this weekend either. I spent Saturday at a Capcom event previewing Dead Rising 2 too.

Sadly, it’s not really good enough for me to write a post about. It’s just the same as the first game, […]