Quick Look: Cat Ear Headphones by AxentWear

I’ve actually had this pair of headphones for a while but didn’t really think about posting anything about them but since a bonafide UK dealer has picked it up and you can now purchase these things locally instead of going through the intense pain of importing, I figured that some people would be interested in […]

Quick look: Kotori Loves: Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio Takao

And now for something completely different (well, not quite). I’ve been playing a fair bit of Koihime Enbu, a PS4 fighting game recently and have been enjoying it more than StreetFighter V but I figured that readers would tire of too many video game posts after eachother so I decided not to review that game […]

Long Live the Queen!

Apologies for the late post. This really should have come last week but I got lazy and I’m still not too sure if this is something which should be posted… Long time readers will know that I’m not a fan of dolls and, despite owning a few, this has mostly still held true. However, my […]

Press Start to continue.

Long time readers may remember that I have a Love/Hate relationship with the city of Paris, in that I hate it but it loves to do events which I would enjoy and go an extra mile to attend. The last time I did something so drastic as to go to Paris for an event was […]

Over the 7777

*Five Star Stories reference for those who didn’t know*

To be honest, I never thought that I would get this far but here I am, seven years in and still blogging about stuff nobody really cares about! And, as tradition demands, here’s the anniversary post for my purchases for the past year.

My volume […]

Don’t forget to turn off the lights!

A bit of sad news this time around. It’s actually been a few weeks since this happened but Tokyo-Hunter, one of the first Proxy services for buying limited edition items in Japan is no more.




They haven’t really been trading for some time but their website was still up until recently […]

A whole New World

Well, this was a rather pleasant surprise. A new concert from the makers of Distant Worlds and a premier in London!! Yeah, I went!

The new show was given the complete title “A New World: Intimate music from Final Fantasy” and that was a pretty accurate description. Instead of a full orchestra seen in […]

Almost there!!

Well, this was the weirdest week in my memory!! I took part in my clubs kendo competition over the weekend and a few other surprise events have left me reeling! So there’s not much to update on pretty much anything right now, other than my copy of persona 4 Arena FINALLY arrived!! I had planned […]

The Light before we Land

If I ever get a “smart” idea like this again, you have permission to slap me with a set fish!! This has been way harder than I had anticipated but I’ve pretty much reached the limits of my abilities, and collection so I really need assistance with the final push.

But as the famous catchphrase […]

The Devil makes work for Idle Thumbs…

OK, so the title probably isn’t the most accurate description of what I’m about to attempt. Basically, while checking out my old fansub collection, I found a couple of files from back in 2004. Basically, some heroic fellow made a video of every mecha TV anime which was aired in the 80s and 90s and […]