Keeping things Real (grade!)

It feels like the plamos are taking over. After not building one for ages, I ended up doing 2 in 2 weeks! Last week, I built the YF-29 and this week, after receiving the Real Grade Freedom Gundam, I finally got off my ass and built my RG Strike Gundam which had been sitting there […]

Project: Frontier (Part 2)

Well, that didn’t take too long! All the parts are now completed and the next stage is… I’m not too sure. Some areas will require painting but I’m not sure if I should work too much on the details as the decals will cover a very large area, making any panel lining either redundant or […]

Project: Frontier

OK, it’s official! I’m getting old!!! Back in the day (see? I even sound old!) I used to be able to snap together a MG gundam kit in the space of a few hours (3~4 hrs to be precise). Now, in the same time, I can barely do the limbs and front nose of my […]

Project: 00 nothing

Just a quick post to keep myself posting regularly.

Just going to show off my chistmas gift this year and a bit of a progress report. I’ve been working on it for a few days already and am about half way done. But at thus stage I would say that “disappointment” would be the most […]

Project: Banshee

Trying to get back into the swing of kit building but I can’t apply too much force to my right wrist still, which limits the effectiveness of sanding. But that’s not to say that I haven’t been doing *anything*!!

Here’s what I’ve been currently working on. Afterall, Gunpla building isn’t quite as strenuous as a […]

Project: KoG (Part 3)

Ah, the post this week has a certain level of sweetness to it. For I have made further progression on my on/off/on again Knight of Gold Garage kit!!! The last time I did an update on this number was back in august last year, so it’s been dormant for a year!!! For those not in […]

Project: Old Iron

It seems that I’m spurred on to build my outstanding mecha kits whenever I’m about to receive a new one. Destiny was built because Infinite justice arrived (and I still need to build one) and now, as I await the arrival of my VF-25 Alto Custom with Sheryl Nome decals, I have started work on […]

Project: KoG (Part 2)

Just a minor update this week to show that I haven’t forgotten about the other model kit I was working with (sort of) along side Ignis.

The main body is now complete with the major detailings done as well. The skirt which goes over the hips have also been done but have not been […]

Project: KoG (Part 1)

Those of you who have been reading the blog for a while now (or could be bothered to look through the archives) will know that I have a resin kit of the Knight of Gold from the Five Star Stories. I’ve had it for quite a while now but never really got into building it […]

Project: Strike Freedom (part 4)

Stuff happens…

Sods law struck just before this update when I ran out of spray paint for 1 last remaining wing. So unfortunately, the completion of strike freedom, which was supposed to be todays post, has been delayed while I get more paint.

To make matters more annoying, my usual model shops no longer stock […]