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Everything that has a Beginning…

has an End. It even rings true with this number. After all this time, I can’t believe that I’ve finished it. After over a year (2 if you count it from the first time I started pinning) of limbo, 2 false starts and 1 instance of running out of paint, I have finally, FINALLY finished […]

2 years young!!

誕生日 おめてとう

Hard to believe but this week (tomorrow, to be precise), through the looking glass is celebrating it’s 2nd birthday!!! Yup, I’ve been blogging for 2 years now!

A fair few things have happened since I started this blog at the suggestion of a friend of mine and I’m a little shocked that not […]

Playing your Trump Card

She’s finally finished. The last bits were only really minor (just a few really small detailing and panel lines) but I didn’t want to do a photoshoot until everything was complete. But here it is. After over a year since I actually purchased it, here’s ALTEISEN!!!

This one is the 1/100 scale model kit […]

Choose your Destiny

I actually had this all prepared last week and was going to do a double post with the Valkyria chronicles review but various the DNS problem and various other things got in the way.

So here it is, a week late but still kicking. Here’s Destiny Gundam!

Rather embarrassingly, I bought this kit when […]

Good morning, Strike Angels

Thought I would take a little break from figure making and go back to a quick spot of mecha building. And so, taking into account the fact that I am spending a little time in the boonies (Wales) along with the majority of my gundam collection, I thought I would take advantage of the fact […]

Gekigan… headbutt?

I think everyone who has seen the nadesico movie have the same opinion of it. (it was pretty poo) but there were some good points. Personally, I liked the Astromeras which was seen very close to the end at the “concert” but the main mecha was, without a doubt, the black Sarena. Piloted by everyones […]

Twin Bird Strike!!!

On another break from working on C.C (I’m now on the part I dislike most, the eyes! Although, at this point, I’ll take anything over having to spray the body white again) and I have managed to finish the brother unit of WildFalken. This is WildWurger!!

Wildwurger is a mecha which is geared towards […]

Side Project: WildFalken!!

Painting parts the same colour is boring! Esp whey you have to do it several times in order to get a good finish! And that’s where I find myself with C.C. Although things have progressed a little further that that now, but in my sheer boredom of painting large pieces white and then white again, […]

Freedom, 行きます!!!


Man, this project was a mission…

Actually, it was finished on Wed evening, but I was too tired to take pics. But it’s all over now. I present Strike Freedom!!

For any budding modelers out there, a word of advice, make sure you have PLENTY of paint so you don’t get […]

Cross! Fight!!!



They say that patience is a virtue… Sometimes, maybe not so, but in any case, Orbital Manga finally managed to get in my revolvtech Dangaioh!! (thanks guys!)

This would be my 3rd revolvtech but there was no way I was going to say no to a figure of one of my […]