Please set your GP base!

It’s been a while since I last did a gunpla. In fact, the last one was the RG Freedom gundam which was completed almost 2 years ago! And before that, the last MG kit was Unicorn way back in 2009! I did the PG kits in between them like the awesome Red frame, 00 Gundam […]


Well, after a much needed break I have come back from a trip to Hong Kong! I seem to do this once every few years it seems but this time was much more subdued than before. Still, it didn’t stop me from getting loot! It’s just not as much as before!

And here is […]

Hands On: War for the Overworld

Quick history lesson, back in the late 90s there was a game released on PC by the now defunct Bullfrog Studios. It was marked as being one of the earliest games where you played the villain of the piece instead of the usual hero. That game was Dungeon Keeper! You were basically given to role […]

Reminiscing is a dangerous pastime

This is the first post of 2013, so a part of me feels like it should be a big happy one! But it isn’t. I have a few big posts lined up but the first one of the new year is a little bittersweet. Before the Christmas holidays, I had started to build my Real […]

A little something on the side

Nothing really to update this week. Been rather busy with Christmas preparations (I really hate this part of the year!) and looking at Noel at the moment gets me depressed. There are so many pinholes on her, I’ll be working on her for ages to get those sorted out. The parts are a complete mess! […]

Still Keeping it Real (Grade)

Once more, with FEELING!!!

Last weeks post felt a little half finished since I hadn’t completed my plans for the Strike kit so I thought I’d use this weeks post to show it finished as well as go into a little more depth on the finished product.

And here’s how the RG Strike […]

Keeping things Real (grade!)

It feels like the plamos are taking over. After not building one for ages, I ended up doing 2 in 2 weeks! Last week, I built the YF-29 and this week, after receiving the Real Grade Freedom Gundam, I finally got off my ass and built my RG Strike Gundam which had been sitting there […]


Seriously, I can’t think of a good title for this thing! It’s such a ridiculously poor taste in design!! I mean, C’MON!! Gold Joints??

*ahem* I mean to say that since I left the comforts of my regular abode for the extra long weekend (Britain got an extra day off due to some guy getting […]

Creating distortions in the gunpla world

Right, I think I’ve spent enough time procrastinating over this post, but it’s still not an easy one to write up. But for this week, I’m posting up my PG 00 Gundam!

First of all, I have to warn everyone that my PG 00 gundam is currently residing in South Wales, away from my […]

Being Led Astray

Spending time In South Wales does have some advantages. Since there’s pretty much nothing to do there, it’s easy for me to pick up old kits which I have had for ages and actually put them together, like this little number!

I finally took the time to put together an OOB build of my […]