The Longest Journey begins with the first step

Man, has it really been 10 years? It was back in 2007 when the last guardian was announced and both it and Final Fantasy 15 were released this year, bringing with them an end to some of the longest gestation periods for the development of a video game.

I have to confess to not really […]

Mini Review: Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni

I just realised that there has been very little in figure news on this blog for some time. Partially because there’s nothing of note to report and also, although I have had a few purchases arrive, they don’t really strike me as review-worthy. Maybe I will re-evaluate soon but for now, let’s go with another […]

First Impressions: Valkyria: Azure Revolution Demo Ver 2.0

I was fortunate enough to have had access to the recent Valkyria: Azure revolution demo from the japanese PSN store recently (My understanding is that you either had to pick up a code from TGS or have the version 1 demo from the Valkyria Chronicles Rerelease to be able to access it) and so, […]

Mini Review: Touhou Genso Rondo Bullet Ballet

Firstly, apologies for the lack of posts for the past couple of months. Real life stuff at work hit pretty hard and I’m still trying to pick up all the pieces but here’s to me trying to get things back onto track.

And for the first post back, I felt that a recent purchase deserved […]

E3 2016 Keynote speech battle

Theoretically, this should be a pretty quick post about what we were shown by the major console makers just before E3 started. Much of it was very standard with some crowd pleasing games and some new hardware announcements but this still managed to be one heck of an odd E3… Much of this was due […]

Mini Review & series retrospective – Dead or Alive Xtreme 3

Oh boy… Well, this one is going to be a little tricky. Not much needs to be said about DoA Xtreme 3. It’s development history is pretty much well known with the publishers quickly saying that they won’t publish it in the west and a few high profile people basically saying it’s due to “the […]

First Impressions: Valkyria: Azure Revolution

Like many other fans, I was pretty stoked to hear that Valkyria Chronicles was going to get a re-release on PS4. I’m not usually a fan of re-releases of previous gen games on current systems but my love of Valkyria Chronicles runs deep. I was also one of the many who were excited to hear […]

Exit, Stage right!

And once again, I and this blog survive past another 12 months! To be fair, 2015 turned out to be relatively uneventful compared to previous years and even the minor personal dramas paled in comparison to what has come before. Then again, there are also times which help remind me that I have good connections […]

Mini Review: Xenoblade Chronicles X

It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve done a mini-review and this one kinda deserves it since I’ve been sinking so much time into it. Xenoblade Chronicles X is basically the sequel to Xenoblade Chronicles on the wii… Except they have almost nothing in common save for some elements of the combat […]

Mini Review: onechanbara Z2 chaos

Back in the day, a publisher by the name of D3 released a series of games in Japan called the “simple series”. They were budget titles made on shoestring budgets and it showed. Some titles made their way to the west. The 2 best known are earth defence force and onechanbara. EDF was a very […]