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Mile High Club

First up, I should apologise for the lack of post last week. The Kombine was having some difficulties, which resulted in all the blogs having limited access (pretty much none) so we couldn’t get into our blogs to post. The issue was resolved later on, but the delay meant that the 2 posts would have [...]

A little something on the side

Nothing really to update this week. Been rather busy with Christmas preparations (I really hate this part of the year!) and looking at Noel at the moment gets me depressed. There are so many pinholes on her, I’ll be working on her for ages to get those sorted out. The parts are a complete mess! [...]

Bloom Trigger!!

Normally I wouldn’t do this, but it’s very rare for a PVC figure to impress me like this weeks post did. The last one to do so was the Ichiban Kuji Black Bunny Sheryl Nome, and that one ended up as one of my fave figures of that year! Now, we can add another one [...]

4, 5 still Alive!

Hard to believe that this blog has now been running for a full five years now! Even more surprising (at the time at least) was that I thought I wouldn’t have much of a post this year as I thought that my expenditure was comparatively low this time around. for volume at least. In terms [...]

Summer Loot!!

It feels like forever since I did a proper “loot” post but then I guess it’s because my hobby doesn’t really allow for large orders at once. Usually I get one kit at a time and a loot post of just 1 unfinished kit is a bit sad… I also haven’t really bought many PVC [...]

4 more years…

Whenever this time of year comes up, I always have to sit down and let it sink in… Afterall, running and updating a blog for four years isn’t something I thought I’d be doing when I started this humble blog up back then. But here we are again. Another year, another load of purchases and [...]


I guess I should start with the most obvious. By now, everyone would have heard of the events which occurred over the weekend and I can only hope that readers who have friends and family in Japan have found them to be safe and sound. I also have some friends in Japan and luckily, they [...]

Drive Ignition! Divine Buster!!

Finally, she’s in my possession!! Nanoha Exceed Mode from Alter!!

I guess a little history is in order. I actually bought her when she was released last year. But instead of going though a regular online shop, I ordered through a friend who ran a small ebay shop and purchased small figurines to sell. [...]

Yin and Yang, Sheryl Style!

I think I’ve been pretty open about my love for the Galaxy Fairy on this blog. Sheryl Nome is one of the few anime characters which I can say wholeheartedly that I like, a LOT!!! So it’s a bit of a mixed bag when I say that she has quite a few figures on the [...]

MCM Expo Winter 2010 & Loot

Everytime the MCM expo comes around I tell myself that it’s not worth going to, and everytime (for the past few events) something drags my ass to the expo anyway. This time, I offered to speak to a Vinyl maker who was at the event on behalf of tomopop. That eventually changed to a brief [...]