The Longest Journey begins with the first step

Man, has it really been 10 years? It was back in 2007 when the last guardian was announced and both it and Final Fantasy 15 were released this year, bringing with them an end to some of the longest gestation periods for the development of a video game.

I have to confess to not really […]

After Dark Festival

It’s been a long time since I did one of these kind of reviews. I’ve generally avoided buying adult kits for some time as the build quality really hasn’t been good. My review of CA Yoko kinda went into NSFW territory but it wasn’t a full blown ero kit like my Shiratori Amane review way […]

the 8th Birthday

Yeah, I needed to sit down for that too. This blog has been going for EIGHT years!! It’s been a weird 12 months and blogging has slowed but it’s not dead yet! But, as it is tradition, the last week of May will host my annual anniversary post where I look back at all my […]

First Loot of 2015! (And a look at Asagi!)

Confession: I’ve been pretty lazy with my hobby projects after the new year. Since I finished my PG Unicorn (no pics here I’m afraid, but there are a few on my twitter feed), I’ve been mostly hitting my gaming backlog (nearly finished Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen OG after 2 YEARS!!) but I’ve also had a […]

Follow the Galaxy Fairy!

Just another quick post this time but I felt that this deserves a shoutout. As some of the more regular readers will know, I have a real soft spot for Sheryl Nome. She’s one of my favourite characters from any anime and I’ve built up a decent sized collection of figures of just Sheryl, which […]

And suddenly, LOOT!

Apologies for the lack of updates in recent weeks. A combination of busy busy busy followed by a long-ish holiday where I basically shut down meant that I haven’t really done much in terms of model building or gaming. Well, the gaming bit was a lie but I went back to some of my older […]

Mile High Club

First up, I should apologise for the lack of post last week. The Kombine was having some difficulties, which resulted in all the blogs having limited access (pretty much none) so we couldn’t get into our blogs to post. The issue was resolved later on, but the delay meant that the 2 posts would have […]

A little something on the side

Nothing really to update this week. Been rather busy with Christmas preparations (I really hate this part of the year!) and looking at Noel at the moment gets me depressed. There are so many pinholes on her, I’ll be working on her for ages to get those sorted out. The parts are a complete mess! […]

Bloom Trigger!!

Normally I wouldn’t do this, but it’s very rare for a PVC figure to impress me like this weeks post did. The last one to do so was the Ichiban Kuji Black Bunny Sheryl Nome, and that one ended up as one of my fave figures of that year! Now, we can add another one […]

4, 5 still Alive!

Hard to believe that this blog has now been running for a full five years now! Even more surprising (at the time at least) was that I thought I wouldn’t have much of a post this year as I thought that my expenditure was comparatively low this time around. for volume at least. In terms […]