Wonder Festival 2015 Summer Garage Kits

Wonder Festival was a couple of weeks ago but I was sadly caught up in writing up the Tomopop coverage so I haven’t been able to write about it until now. You can still go over to Tomopop for a more full coverage but I’m just going to focus on the kits which I liked […]

Wonder Festival 2016 Winter Garage Kits

Hey guys,

Sorry for the long break in posting but there was some work which was done on the backend and then there was Wonder Festival so my hands have been tied for a good week or so after everything stabilised but I’ll try to get back to regular posting now and I’ll start with […]

Wonder Festival 2015 Summer roundup

Truthfully, this should have been posted last week but I was neck deep in working off the Tomopop coverage at the time so this personal post got pushed back. Also, like the winter event, there weren’t really any stand out kits this time around either. Having said that, I can’t really say that this years […]

Winter Wonder Festival 2015 kits

Sorry about the delay in post this week guys, I’ve been collating the GK stuff for tomopop so the personal list went on the back burner for a while. That and the simple fact is that there weren’t really any new kits which really grabbed my attention. There were some which caught my eye but […]

Wonder Festival 2014 Summer garage kit highlights

Bit of a late post this week as I’ve been working on the Tomopop GK coverage. You can check them out for a more complete gallery of the GK at this years Summer Wonder Festival but for this post, I’ll be focusing on the ones which I liked the most. Starting with the 1 kit […]

Wonder Festival 2014 Winter Loot!

Just a quick update for this weeks post. Yoko has actually been completed but I haven’t had the chance to do a photoshoot with her yet, so she’s coming next week. So for this week, I’m showing off the 2 kits I was able to snag from Wonder Festival. I’ve been trying to get […]

Wonder Festival Winter 2014 Roundup!

Oh god… So… Much… KanColle…

And I thought having a large number of Miku kits was bad, but this was just INSANE!!! It was like every other figure was KanColle related! Still, in the middle of all that, I still managed to find some kits which I really liked and I was also able to […]

Summer Wonder Festival 2013 Garage Kits

Whew, I finally managed to finish the GK coverage over at tomopop so I can focus on my own personal one! yay!! Almost free!!!

Anyway, this post will be focusing on the kits which caught my eye so for a more general look at the kits at the event, jump over to tomopop and look […]

Winter Wonder Festival 2013 Garage Kits

Well, Wonder Festival happened over the weekend, which happened to coincide with chinese new year so I was with family while the event was going on but I still managed to remain mostly abreast of the situation. There was a nice spread of figures this time around and even some PVC figures which caught my […]

Here come a few new Challengers!

You’d think that, after nearly a month since I posted about my next project, I’d have something to show for it… Well, I don’t. I place the blame mostly on the frustrating but excellent XCOM: Enemy Unknown but there’s also the fact that it’s simply a big task to clean up the parts. Progress has […]