(commission): Deep Rising!

Sorry for the late post but I’m just putting in a brief one because this kit kinda deserves a post. I finished U-511 from KanColle a while back and she is now with her new owner but I still wanted to post a little bit of her but waited for a while.


the 8th Birthday

Yeah, I needed to sit down for that too. This blog has been going for EIGHT years!! It’s been a weird 12 months and blogging has slowed but it’s not dead yet! But, as it is tradition, the last week of May will host my annual anniversary post where I look back at all my […]

Blue flame of the Valkyria!

Yay! She’s finished, and just in time too cos I’m off on holiday for a week after this! In any case, here’s the completed Charagumin Selvaria Bles from Valkyria Chronicles!

like most Charagumin kits, she’s actually very quick to build and paint once you get going and because the parts are (mostly) molded in […]

The Alpha and the Omega

YAY! An actual modelling post! And trust it to be KOS-MOS who broke me out of the funk! It was the ver 4 Plamo from Kotobukiya before and this time, it’s ver 1!

KOS-MOS ver 4 is the darling of the series. She’s the best known design and the one which gets all the […]

Shot through the Heart, and you’re to Blame!

And so, after a slight delay, (or a very long one considering how long this kit has been in my “to do” pile) here is my third Yoko kit!

Looking back, I’m not sure why I went and purchased her, but having now completed the kit, I’m glad that I did, even though it […]

Ride of the Walkure!!

Bit of a late post this week as it’s close to Christmas so things are getting rather busy. That and (more importantly) I couldn’t think of a witty pun for the title!! I had thought I used this for a past post but after going through a quick check, that proved to not be the […]

Jumping Flash!

Things have gotten busy again but I was able to finish off my current project… Well, kinda. The build process and painting has been completed but… Ah, I’ll get to it later. Here’s Asuna from Sword Art Online in her Knight of Blood uniform (so not a useless damsel in distress or a killer white […]

Death Becomes Her

Sometimes, all you need is a good sculpt to make you like a figure regardless of how you feel about the character. That’s pretty much how I found myself in possession of this kit of Dead Master from BRS. The fact that this kit was from Kiking and is one of only 3 or so […]

Are you afraid of the dark?

I think it’s about time to call this one in! Afterall, her kit wasn’t exactly the most complicated thing I’ve seen (clocking in at a mere 8 parts for the whole thing) so once painting started, it was pretty smooth sailing, tho I have to say that the Games Workshop liquid green stuff was a […]

A Wild Taiga Appears!

Told you that it wouldn’t take long to finish this project, and on an even better note, I think I’m completely out of my melancholy! Regarding kit building at least. Taiga had a lot to do with it though. The sculpt was absolutely wonderful and so easy to work with! After looking at some of […]