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  • Anime Roundup: Spring 2014
  • A pleasant surprise
  • Mini Review: Titanfall
  • Project: HomuHomu (part 1)


A pleasant surprise

Back when I did a small preview post for my Grizzry Panda Busou Shinki kits, I didn’t get very far as I explained that I was missing a core piece of the kit as my kit had a duplicate part instead of what I needed. So, I contacted Grizzry Panda and he said that he [...]

Project: HomuHomu (part 1)

And from the back of one project, I get to jump into the next with no procrastination!! Pretty rare for me but with the purchase of the 2 busou shinki ladies, I now have 3 kits from maker Grizzry Panda and that’s just too many so I’m diving straight into the first kit I bought [...]

Shot through the Heart, and you’re to Blame!

And so, after a slight delay, (or a very long one considering how long this kit has been in my “to do” pile) here is my third Yoko kit!

Looking back, I’m not sure why I went and purchased her, but having now completed the kit, I’m glad that I did, even though it [...]

Wonder Festival 2014 Winter Loot!

Just a quick update for this weeks post. Yoko has actually been completed but I haven’t had the chance to do a photoshoot with her yet, so she’s coming next week. So for this week, I’m showing off the 2 kits I was able to snag from Wonder Festival. I’ve been trying to get [...]

Wonder Festival Winter 2014 Roundup!

Oh god… So… Much… KanColle…

And I thought having a large number of Miku kits was bad, but this was just INSANE!!! It was like every other figure was KanColle related! Still, in the middle of all that, I still managed to find some kits which I really liked and I was also able to [...]

Project: Yoko (ver Volks) Part 2

It’s usually the little things which sticks with you. When it comes to painting GK, the part which I look forward to the most is the detailing. The “little things”. Celia was fun but the amount of detailing needed was pretty small as she was mostly block colours. There was just a little gold here [...]

Project: Yoko (ver Volks)

The first proper post of 2014 and so we should go with a post which this blog was set up to share! You may remember that I was preparing a second kit for painting along with Celia. Well, with Celia completed it meant that I can go straight into painting Yoko! And it was a [...]

Ride of the Walkure!!

Bit of a late post this week as it’s close to Christmas so things are getting rather busy. That and (more importantly) I couldn’t think of a witty pun for the title!! I had thought I used this for a past post but after going through a quick check, that proved to not be the [...]

Project: Walkure C (Part 4)

At this point, we should be near the final stretch for the kit but upon checking things, I have a feeling I’m going to want to go back to several parts and repaint them… Then there’ still the bit about the eyes, the most hated part of any kit I paint. Volks were kind enough [...]

Project: Walkure C (Part 3)

And now back to our regularly scheduled posting… For as long I can anyway. The alien menace is back and I must return to XCOM to fight the enemy within!!!

Still, Progress on Celia has been pretty solid, though the fact that she’s mostly solid colours helped a fair bit!

And I’m sure I’ve [...]