Anime Roundup: Winter 2015

And no sooner does the year start, the new anime season comes and joins in! Not sure why, but I found the autumn season to be rather unmemorable. Nothing really jumped out. Still, there were some really entertaining shows so it wasn’t a bust and there were good shows but mostly sequels, which really dulls […]

Anime Roundup: Autumn 2014

Blimey, this season is going to get really busy! There are quite a few must watch shows for this season and I’m still wrapping up a couple of ones from the previous season! Have to admit that there were a few surprises from the summer season and not all of them were good. Still, lets […]

Anime Roundup: Summer 2014

The new anime season is upon us!! And this one actually has a few big names to it despite it being the summer season, which is usually one of the more dead seasons. And now, with spring anime winding up, now would be a good time to do the usual roundup! So first, as always, […]

Anime Roundup: Spring 2014

And yet another anime season is upon us! and probably not a moment too soon. The only thing remarkable about the winter season was pretty much how unremarkable it was. I don’t think a single show got me particularly excited or worked up but there were a few fun ones. Well, the winter season is […]

Anime Roundup: Winter 2014

Hurrah! The new anime season is upon us so dive into more shows and increase our backlog even further!! Wait…

Actually, the winter season tends to be one of the weaker ones of the year as it’s following on from the biggest one. Not that this has prevented my watch list from ballooning, mostly due […]

Another one bites the dust

Man, and I thought 2012 ended badly… 2013 seemed to just want to carry on the way it started and I am very glad to see the back of this year!!

Still, some things didn’t change, like the flux of anime shows which have come and gone. Some are remembered while others are forgotten. But […]

Anime Roundup: Autumn 2013

Hurrah!! New season time, and it’s the big one too! Autumn usually gets the biggest shows and it doesn’t look like this season will be an exception. There are craploads of light novel adaptations and sequels as well as some serious big guns starting up. But before we look forward to the new stuff, it’s […]

Anime Roundup: Summer 2013

Looks like I need to write up another apology. The kombine moved over to a new server over the weekend so there are still a few kinks, though the site is mostly functional. Just a few missing bits here and there which I’m looking for and getting restored. But I can still post and, with […]

And suddenly, from out of nowhere…

HOLY CRAP! Microsoft just did a complete 180 on their DRM policy for the XBox One!! And they held out for a whole week before caving! To be honest, this humiliating back pedal is the only thing they could have done. Had they kept on their path, the negative press and general vitriol from the […]

Anime Roundup: Spring 2013

Kinda weird writing this blog post now. It’s meant to be a spring anime roundup but it’s just over 0 degrees outside. It’s freaking winter still!! Anyway, we have a new anime season up so, as usual, this post will be looking at what’s passed and what looks interesting out of the new batch! First […]