Anime Roundup: Autumn 2016

One thing I do find rather irritating is how all the anime shows now start on different weeks. This would be due to the shows now varying in length from anything between 13 and 8(!) episodes long! It makes it hard to make a decent schedule to watch things but I think I have it […]

Anime Roundup: Summer 2016

And once again, the new anime season is upon us and, to be honest, not many of the shows really interest me this time around but there are a couple I will definitely be watching and some which I am curious about so my viewing habits are not likely to change. But, as always, lets […]

Anime Roundup: Spring 2016

Oops, I missed the last season post due to various reasons such as rebuilding my PC and backend of the blog being down around the time but since the new season is now upon us, there’s no reason for me to miss it this time. I’ll quickly skim over the last season with a glance […]

Exit, Stage right!

And once again, I and this blog survive past another 12 months! To be fair, 2015 turned out to be relatively uneventful compared to previous years and even the minor personal dramas paled in comparison to what has come before. Then again, there are also times which help remind me that I have good connections […]

Anime Roundup: Autumn 2015

Well , colour me surprised! For a season which didn’t look like it had much going for it, the summer season turned out to be pretty strong with a fair few decent shows in the mix. Of course, now we are in the autumn season and this is where the really big guns come out. […]

Anime Roundup: Summer 2015

Man, this season really crept up on me. Then again, with all the previous seasons anime finishing at different times, the shows this season had really staggered starts, which made planning awkward. They’ll need to sort that out sometime soon, otherwise the shows starting dates will just keep drifting apart!

But I digress, there are […]

Anime roundup: Spring 2015

This post was meant to be up last week but the press Start concert bumped it down a week so this is a little late. Having said that, this season hasn’t really set me alight though there are some definite must watch shows…

In any case, lets look at least seasons shows first and then […]

Anime Roundup: Winter 2015

And no sooner does the year start, the new anime season comes and joins in! Not sure why, but I found the autumn season to be rather unmemorable. Nothing really jumped out. Still, there were some really entertaining shows so it wasn’t a bust and there were good shows but mostly sequels, which really dulls […]

Anime Roundup: Autumn 2014

Blimey, this season is going to get really busy! There are quite a few must watch shows for this season and I’m still wrapping up a couple of ones from the previous season! Have to admit that there were a few surprises from the summer season and not all of them were good. Still, lets […]

Anime Roundup: Summer 2014

The new anime season is upon us!! And this one actually has a few big names to it despite it being the summer season, which is usually one of the more dead seasons. And now, with spring anime winding up, now would be a good time to do the usual roundup! So first, as always, […]