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About Me

Looking for personal info about the author? Then you are out of luck. I will say this much though,

  • I’m Male
  • I reside in the UK. London to be precise.

I started watching anime around the time everyone else was into G1 transformers. (70s Super robot shows rock!!!) Then I went through a drought till around 96, when I picked up Neon genesis Evangelion back when VHS was still the main format.

My model building began around that time as well, with my first “official” Kit being the master grade gundam GP01-fb (the unofficial first being the MG Zeta gundam mk 1. Now let us never speak of it again). I painted my first figure back in 2001, which was a sailormoon kit for a friend, but I cut my teeth painting Games workshop models when I was younger.
I have a small but growing collection of PVC figures beside my resin works but I much prefer having resin kits as I really enjoy the building and painting process. It also allows you to do things a little differently from the mass produced versions and, to me, a lot of PVC figures have what I consider “dead eye” in that their facial expressions, particularly the eyes lack a certain amount of energy and look a little flat! It doesn’t affect them all but it’s something I thought about when looking at PVC figures and painted resin kits.
I also write some news article for Tomopop from time to time, focusing on the lesser known mecha stuff and (of course) garage kits!

If you’re more of a gamer, my tags for Steam, PSN and XBL are all GundamJehutyKai. For 3DS users, my friend code is 4725-7935-0737

If anyone wants to contact me and/or link to this blog, feel free to send me an email at

knightsabre2k [at] Gmail [dot] com

Just replace the obvious suffixes with the required parts.
Alternatively, you can also find my linked in profile here of you’re looking for more professional info about myself but I try to keep my professional work and hobbies separate for now.


About this Blog

Currently, this blog is hosted on Kokido Kombine and is currently running on a modified Atahualpa theme after my previous theme, Tarski was no longer up to the task (needed a 3 column theme to lessen the clutter). The banners are pictures of the strike gundam from Gundam Seed and was taken from a wallpaper I found many moons ago (‘fraid I don’t remember where) and assorted mecha girls from my constantly growing collection.

This blog was set up primarily as a place for me to share my love of model kits and also start up a progress bar for my more complex projects like my resin kits.
It quickly devolved into a “things of interest” blog but I do try to keep in within the scope of anime and video games. Mostly anime though…

Things kicked off in May 2007 after I had completed my Bunny Haruhi resin kit, sculpted by BUBBA. I was pressed into the idea of starting a blog to show off my completed works and use it to show my progress on my works as well by a friend but I resisted as I was unsure if I would bother to keep updating. In the end my Haruhi was the turning point as I felt that I really did want to show it off and so she became my first figure post back when this blog was still being hosted on

Then, in march 09, I stumbled apon a new group of bloggers who are part of the kokido Kombine via a pingback from one of my posts. After having a look around, I contacted their webmaster, 7, who graciously offered to host my blog, which is where it is today!

I try to keep to a “1 main post a week” format although you may find some extra posts from time to time if I think something is particularly newsworthy but not enough to warrant a main post.

You will find that WIP posts and my completed figures consist of the majority of my posts, along with some video game reviews, anime show stuff and assorted random musings.
I also collect PVC figures, but in a relatively small amount (compared to others) as I am not all that interested in them. Their numbers are slowly growing but I think of myself as a resin kit and gunpla fan and I enjoy the build process! Aside from those, I will also throw in a few video game reviews around from time to time and I will also post mini-reviews of the anime shows I am watching as well as my watch list at the start of every new season.


About my collection

The vast bulk of my work are plastic mecha kits and garage kits which I pick up from various sources. For the most part, I try to obtain an official kit from places like Yahoo! Japan Auctions (I have a friend with a japanese bank account who is willing to act as a proxy). However, I do purchase recast kits from time to time but they are the exception rather than the norm. I won’t judge people who decide to buy recasts as it’s up to them to decide if they want to, but I choose to go official whenever possible to support the original sculptor. That and I find that official kits are easier to work with.

I have 3 golden rules when picking a kit to work on.

  • I must be familiar with the source of the figure in question: Makes perfect sense. If the figure is from an anime or game, I have to know of the game/anime for me to be interested. It’s hard to get worked up on a figure if you have no idea on the backstory. Of course, if the figure is a completely original design and not affiliated with any title, then they will be judged on their own merits.
  • Figure must be female: Call me sexist if you want, but I don’t really have an interest in painting figures of guys. Guess it’s a good thing that 95% of figures are of female characters.
  • No ero kits: They’re too damn hard and annoying to paint. Also, they’re not the kind of thing you can proudly display out in the open…

Alongside the 3 above I have 1 other rule which is under review (and has technically been broken a few times already). Only 1 kit per character. Originally, it was a rule I thought up to make me truly think about my purchases. Garage kits are quite an investment in time and money so one can’t go around with impulse buys when compared to PVC figures. Generally, the rule holds well, although I have purchased 2 C.C kits, 2 Yoko Ritona kits and, more recently, 2 Saber kits so the rule is under review. I may end up selling one of each to adhere to the rule I set but we’ll wait and see.

I do purchase PVC figures from time to time, but not very often. And if I do buy one, there’s definitely something special about it as I usually pass by PVC figures without a second thought. I find that they often look somewhat flat and sometimes deadpan compared to painted resin kits.
I don’t apply the above rules to my occasional PVC buying habit.

I hope you enjoy your visit!