Anime Roundup: Summer 2014

The new anime season is upon us!! And this one actually has a few big names to it despite it being the summer season, which is usually one of the more dead seasons. And now, with spring anime winding up, now would be a good time to do the usual roundup! So first, as always, we look back at the previous seasons anime.


Hitsugi no Chaika

I’m not going to lie. The main reason why this show gets top billing is Chaika herself. There’s just something so endearing and loveable about the girl with her broken sentences and facial expressions. The show also gave me a strong Scrapped Princess vibe, which is good because scrapped princess is a great show which I would wholeheartedly recommend if you haven’t seen it yet!

Runner up: No Game No life, Kenzen Robo Daimidaler

Worst Show

Date A Live 2

I almost didn’t want to put this in here as it would be too easy. Having said that, it was much better than the first season but was still pretty damn poor. Black bullet was also bad, but that came off more as a disappointment than outright bad.

Biggest Surprise

Kenzen Robo Daimidaler

I’m coming out and saying it right now, this show is BAD!! really bad!!! So bad it’s… great!!!! The whole thing is played as a massive joke and everybody knows it but pretends to not notice. Jokes depend entirely on the delivery and this one was delivered with a completely straight face, which only made it funnier! If they made the show too self aware, it wouldn’t have worked so the serious delivery of even the most ridiculous parts of the show just worked in its favour. It’s kinda like Tommy Lee Jones in the original Men in Black film. We was much funnier in the film because the delivery was so serious. And that’s what we have here. A hap hazardous but intricately balanced comedy show. If anything was changed, then it would not have worked but this one does!

Biggest Disappointment

Black Bullet

I’ve already mentioned this above but this was simply a very poor adaptation. It’s not on the level of Date-A-live bad but it was pretty awful. The tipping point was in the first major battle with Kagetane Hiruko. In the original LN and the manga, the battle was a drawn out affair with key elements like Rentarous varanium limbs kept secret for a while and the battle constantly in flux but in the anime, they crammed it all into about 5 minutes… That is some damn awful pacing right there!! It also cheapened the reveals of the trump cards to the point where nobody cared! This happened quite frequently which really made me concerned by the end of the adaptation. Again, it’s not Date A Live bad, but it’s pretty damn bad!!

The rest

  • No Game no Life was pretty fun and well written in terms of how the siblings worked their way around the rules of the given game to find victory. Having said that, I still prefer Mondaiji!
  • I’m not sure how they could make the mecha in Fuu-ishin DaiShogun any uglier but they did try to hide it with copious amounts of fanservice but it ended up being an example of what Daimidaler could have been if things were just a little different. (OK, daimidaler would have been far worse since it went to such extremes but the point still holds!)
  • It’s so awesome to watch all those little scenes and poses in JoJo Stardust crusaders. The only problem is that since it’s going to last a whole year, the pacing is really really slow…
  • The mecha designs in Captain Earth are brilliant and I want an Earth Engine Impacter which does the whole combination thingy!! Having said that, the mecha designs are pretty much all the show has… Everything else is pretty forgettable.
  • I was surprised at how well they made Gokukoku no Brynhildr work despite the large amounts of censorship present.
  • Bokura minna wa kawaisou was hilarious in some places but just awkward in most.
  • I still don’t get what the hell happened in M3
  • I was genuinely surprised at how much I enjoyed Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii. It nearly made the most surprising show of the season, but it couldn’t beat Daimidaler.
  • The incest may have been a bit too strong in Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei
  • Seikoku no Dragonar was pretty much as generic as they come. And another one is incoming…
  • I’m amazed that they managed to get a whole show out of Akuma no Riddle, considering how little source material has been released. I guess it kinda explains why it went kind shit near the end.

That’s about it for last seasons show. Lets look at what’s coming up! I’ve already done a brief look at the season in a round table discussion over at Organisation ASG but this is a more in-depth look.


Aldnoah Zero

Even if you ignore the talent behind this show (Sawano Hiroyuki doing the music is an instant WIN!), it’s a freaking mecha show so you can bet your ass I’m watching this!

Shirogane no Ishi Argvollen

Mecha show so you know the drill!


The next original show by P.A. works so it gets in here on that alone. They may have made less than great shows but P.A. works have yet to make a dud so far. They’re kinda like the Platinum Games of anime studios.

Rail Wars

Basically, I’ve been told that this is like Library Wars but with more moe and trains instead of Libraries (heck, even the synopsis gives that vibe). That’s good enough for me since I really loved Library Wars.

Akame ga Kill

I’ve been reading the manga for some time so I’m very curious about how this adaptation will work because this show is violent!! We’re talking deadman Wonderland levels of violence here and we know how badly butchered that show was due to censorship. I’ll be curious to see how they handle this title. Also SPOILERS: *only around half the characters in the above pic will play any major part in the story. Why? well…*

Interesting but Meh

Zankyou no Terror

The synopsis paints a good basis for an interesting mystery story. And I can’t say no to a good mystery.


Another anime about an all-girls airsoft club. Just like C3-bu. Here’s hoping that it stays lighthearted and fun like the early C3-Bu eps. Those were actually really fun!

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaku kun

Basically, this show s very similar to Manga-ka to Assistant-kun, except that it has a little more variety and doesn’t try to sell the… same… damn… joke… multiple… times!!! Seriously, Mangaka to assistant-kun had literally 1 joke played to infinity and it got tiresome really fast! Even the manga got tiresome to read because it was so predictable. Then it ended and we got a sequel which did the EXACT SAME THING!!! God…

Anyway, Nozaki kun is an all together easier read.

Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance

You want generic harem show, well here it is! This takes so much from Zero no Tsukaima it’s almost criminal! I swear, when I first heard that there was an adaptation, The first thing I thought was “so Kugyuu is going to do Claire Rouge then…” They are that damn similar!!!

Having said that, there are some interesting elements laid in the background plots and enough mystery surrounding the main male lead to get me going back for more. I’m currently on Volume 7 of the LN so they must be doing something right. Just don’t expect anything amazing from this adaptation.

Tokyo ESP

The idea of people suddenly getting powers and then deciding to go vigilante to stop others from abusing their own powers is just ripe for a good story. Could be a surprise hit of this season

Why am I watching this?

SailorMoon Crystal

I am not a fan of standard Mahou Shoujo shows and this is the template for them all! Heck, this even has the shoujo character designs which kinda freak me out… Having said that, I’m going to try and sit through this show because it’s a defining show for anime in general, one of the original ones to really open up anime in the west and one which deserves my respect even if it’ll never get my love. Plus, I really want to see if Mitsuishi Kotono can still do that voice!

Sword Art Online 2

Sequel to a (lets face it) pretty poor show. It also doesn’t help that the Gun Gale Online arc wasn’t exactly interesting in the LN in the first place (and you can bet that the makers will try their hardest to squeeze Asuna in pretty much everywhere since she has next to no role in this story)… But it’s a sequel so it gets in (so going to regret this one)

Space Dandy 2

Shit show but it’s a sequel…


Can’t this series just end now? Please??

That’s pretty much it for myself. There are a couple of other shows which I’m still mulling over like Barakamon and Tokyo Ghoul but the ones above are already set on my watch list. What shows are you most looking forward to this season?

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