Anime Roundup: Spring 2013

Kinda weird writing this blog post now. It’s meant to be a spring anime roundup but it’s just over 0 degrees outside. It’s freaking winter still!! Anyway, we have a new anime season up so, as usual, this post will be looking at what’s passed and what looks interesting out of the new batch! First up, last season…

Best Show

OreShura & GJ-Bu

I don’t know why but I really enjoyed these shows. Oreshura had its JoJo references and I felt like applauding GJ-Bu on episode 4 when Kyouya tried to explain why real maids are awesome and a whole different level to the ones who just play dress-up! The 2 don’t really stand out as amazing shows but I really looked forward to each episode!

Worst Show

Tamako Market

My god, it was dull…

Biggest Disappointment

Vividred Operation

I thought I was getting some kind of powered suit mecha show. What I got was a Motherf**king Mahou shoujo show with Hatsune Miku and Tomoe Mami liberally shoved in..

Biggest Surprise


This show was really quite fun! Shame that it was only 11 eps long.

The Rest

  • JoJo was awesome! Really hope that they animate Part 3 (again)! I need some ORAORAORAORAORA!!!
  • Haganai NEXT didn’t have much to do and it did it well enough. Still feel bad for Yozora though…
  • I wasn’t a big fan of the changes made to Senran Kagura. The game had a decent plot which the anime followed mostly but those changes really stuck out, especially with Yomi and Mirai.
  • Sasami-san Was just surreal…
  • They didn’t cover everything in Robotics; Notes. Does this mean that we should be getting a second season?
  • But at least Little Busters definitely gets a second season to finish things!
  • Minami-ke Okaeri felt like meeting an old friend after a long time!
  • I really didn;t like the designs on Maoyuu Maou Yuusha.
  • The ending to Girls und Panzer was unbelievably stupid and artificially created to ensure a happy ending for our girls but otherwise a fun run overall.

And here’s what’s looking good from the next season. And there’s a lot cos there’s lots of MECHA!!!

Must Watch

Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince

Mecha show! Nuff said!

Kakumeiki Valvrave

Another Mecha show! Nuff Said!

Suisei no Gargantia

Another Mecha show… But a little different since it’s taking a soldier out of war instead of into it. Still mecha, so still watching!

Attack on Titan

Sorta mecha so worth checking out!

Nyarlko-san W


Red Data Girl

This show is by P.A. Works. That’s enough to get me interested these days!

Interesting but meh

Photo Kano

Basically, this show is in the same vein as Amagami SS and KimiKiss. That gives this show a good shot but not enough to make it “must watch”

Hataraku Maou-sama

I’ve read some of the manga before this adaptation was announced and it was a decent enough read so the anime gets a chance.

Date a Live

Another title which I have read some of before an adaptation was announced. This one I quite liked so there are some reasonably high hopes for this show.

SMT Devil Survivor 2

OK, I’m a bit of a SMT fan.


Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Brides

Yeah, it’s a fanservice show but there’s a pretty strong plot in there. The first season showed that and the 2nd season deserves the benefit of the doubt. Between this, Senran Kagura and Queens Blade? I’d pick this for something more than service.

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge

Interesting premise. Worth checking out.

Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties

Good thing I’ve been keeping up with the manga!


A shounen-y action show. seems fun enough.

Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko

Yet another anime from a manga I’ve read. So many these days.

Why am I watching this?

BiriBiri S2

I’m kinda just burned out on the To Aru series. I’ll still be watching this show, but it’s mostly cos it’s a sequel rather than anything else. Kinda like the later seasons of Tsukaima

OreImo S2

Purely cos it’s a sequel.

That’s pretty much it, though there are a few shows where I’m undecided. Aku no Hana is one. The manga makes for some difficult reading so I’m not sure I want to watch it as well. There’s also new Higurashi and Space Battleship Yamato so the list may expand. That’s about it. What are you readers looking most forward to?

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  • Q

    Started watching Attack on Titan, but will plan to watch Valvrave and Nyaruo W this season. Not so sure about OreImo though, as I find Kirino quite hard to bear.

    Something caught my attention when I first saw the manga cover for Attack on Titan in Japan last year, and its serious nature got me curious enough to start watching.

  • Attack on Titan is a weird one as the story loves throwing curveballs at you. Once you settle on a rhythm, it does something to throw it off and then you repeat.

    I’m not a fan or OreImo either but I have a policy of watching sequels unless the first season actually offended me regarding how bad it was. Vampire knight, I’m looking at you!

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