Here comes a New Challenger!

After last weeks post, It may not come as a surprise to hear that I am rather fond of the Xeno- series. Specifically, Xenogears and the Xenosaga Trilogy. Regular readers will also know that I am not averse to dropping a considerable sum to acquire a particular GK when I think it’s worth it. Afterall, I have done it twice before! Well, time to chalk up another one and, given my previous works, this one may not come as much of a surprise. Here’s T-ELOS!

This is the Charagumin kit of T-ELOS, which was the only one which was available at the time I purchased her. There is an uncoloured version out there as well and, truth be told, I’d rather have that one but what’s done is done! One thing you can’t argue with when it comes to the Charagumin line, they definitely know how to design their boxes!!

Even the back look gorgeous!! As this is a charagumin kit, the parts are already molded in colour so, in theory, all you need to do is put them all together to get a complete kit, bet you want to know how she looks, right?

Just ignore the copious amounts of masking tape. They’re just there to hold things together.

It may surprise you, but even at this somewhat advanced stage of the build, I’ve probably only used around 2/3rds of the total number of parts in the kit! There are over 100 of them afterall! Many are superfluous, like the clear parts which go into the circular indentations you can see dotted around the kit but there were also a lot of unused dark purple parts which is used for the added details!

As for the kit itself, my overall feeling will surprise nobody who has either seen my thoughts on Selvaria or have worked on a charagumin kit themselves before… She needs paint!! The parts are actually quite good approximations of what the colours need to be, especially the skin parts, but they’re really dull! Some parts, such as the butt of the pistol will definitely need painting as it currently matches the colour of the hand rather than the gun barrel! Putting her together as-is will make a decent looking figure but when you’ve dropped this amount of cash for her, are you really going to settle for “decent”?

There are also some small issues with the parts fit! There were several parts, notably, the left thigh and one of the larger hair pieces which were absolute dogs to put into the correct place! I had to shave off some of the pegs to get them to fit in and they’re still, how should I say, very snug! The deep purple detail parts often don’t want to stay in the grooves which they rest in either, but that’s an issue which can be easily solved with glue since they aren’t load baring parts!

One other issue, which also had me worried on the 1/4 scale KOS-MOS, is that there appears to be a slight balance issue. When I had completed the initial build, T-ELOS happily stood where she was for a good 20 minutes before suddenly falling over to her side. It may be something which will be alleviated when the parts are all glued together solidly but it was very worrying to see her topple with no effort or outside intervention…

But enough about that, you want to see her standing next to KOS-MOS, don’t you?

Now, I will admit that I am biased but I must admit that I do prefer KOS-MOS by a fair margin. That’s not to say that T-ELOS is bad, but KOS-MOS is one of my top 3 favourite characters and T-ELOS, well, isn’t!

KOS-MOS was also a complete B*tch to get a hold of as well. T-ELOS was much easier! However, I do have some buyers regret when it comes to T-ELOS. I really should have waited to get the unpainted kit. Had I known that Volks would make her available again at Wonder Festival, I probably would have held back on buying the more expensive Charagumin version. Damn Volks…

Then again, the unpainted kit wouldn’t look so photogenic straight out of the box! Sadly, I’m not sure when I’m going to get around to completing T-ELOS. unlike KOS-MOS, I don’t have a massive desire to work on her straight away and I currently have another project on the go. There’s also the matter of a certain witch of Vigrid who’s also 1/4 scale and demanding attention… well, if enough people bug me, maybe I’ll bump her up the queue.

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  • subaruhess

    Very classy package design and could easily fool someone into thinking it was a pre-painted figure, you going to attempt to make her look shiny or matte? PS; I know this has nothing to do with your post but did you hear anything about the PS4, supposedly sony will announce the details feb 20th.

  • I’m pretty sure that the pricetag would be more than enough to scare off most people anyway but looking at the price history, it would be too cheap to be a pre-painted figure from Volks so I don’t think there’s much worry about people being duped. and if they did, then it’s clear that they are noobs!!
    I think I’ll try and give her a glossy look, similar to KOS-MOS. nothing too big but certainly not matte like how she is right now.

    and yes, the PS4… I have some friends who work in video games so I have heard a fair deal of rumours, some of which have not made it into the press thus far. They are still rumours but from a credible (to me) source. But I don’t think I should say too much on a publicly available place like a blog. It might end up getting some people into trouble. One thing I think I can say tho, is that it’s unlikely to be called the PlayStation 4

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