Re-light my fire

First off, apologies to anyone out there who was expecting a blog post last week. I got floored by a particularly stubborn virus and was completely out of commission for pretty much the entire week and then some. Damn thing is still kicking about, even now! but it did give me a chance to watch my Blu-ray copy of the Avengers with Joss Whedon directors commentary, which was very cool and also gave me some Xenosaga goodness to share with everyone.

The first would be the Kotobukiya KOS-MOS plamo which was finished a couple of weeks ago. She would have been posted last week if my health didn’t nosedive!

It seems kinda fitting that the figure to get me out of my model making melancholy (at least for a little while) would be one of my top 3 favourite characters. Top being the Galaxy Fairy, Sheryl Nome! KOS-MOS ranks just above Noel Vermillion from Blazblue (though she could tumble come Chrono Phantasma. Not a fan of her new look…)

As far as the build went, It was pretty smooth but I felt that there was a severe lack of detailing on the overall look and the gold parts looked crap so I decided to paint over the whole thing. You *Could* leave it unpainted and it would look OK, I guess but it didn’t sit well with me.

After a while, I have to admit that the blue tinge on the Almecha KOS-MOS from alter has grown on me so I tried to replicate it a little, to some degree of success. Furthermore I added a clean coat of pearlescent medium onto the kit, just to see how it would turn out. Normally I mix the medium with the correct colour paint but that usually results in the medium not appearing very clearly. The result of the experiment is an almost silver like shimmer to the white parts. I kinda liked it so it stuck!

Obligatory back shot!

Overall, I’d say that Kotobukiya took most of their design cues for their kit from the Almecha version from Alter. The overall look and little touches match the Alter offering quite closely, though they took a page from the figma when it comes to managing the hair! On the down side, the Koto kit can’t balance itself as well as the Alter offering and needs a stand, which does not come with the kit!! It’s a bit of a cynical move as it forces you to either use a different part (in this case, I’m borrowing the almecha base) or buy one. And you WILL need one!

What’s more annoying is that they provide parts to attach the kit to a base anyway! mine is not a perfect fix as the peg from the Almecha base is a tad too big and is stretching the connection a little, but it’s better than the figma peg.

I also had a hell of a time putting on the additional wet decals on the kit. I hate wet decals!!!

Kotobukiya were also really stingy with the facial expressions. There are only 2 faces and both are of the red eye variety. If you want your blue eyed KOS-MOS, you need to go back to the wet decals *shudders*

The D-Tereretas part took its cue from the Almecha design so you need to replace the entire upper body. I prefer that to the figma system, which just replaces the chest as replacing the whole upper body looks better and more natural.

Kotobukiy were also more forgiving with the weapons. The kit comes with 2 pistols, 2 G-SHOT cannons and a Dragons tooth blade. I’ve never been a fan of the Dragons Tooth (except on the Volks 1/4 scale statue) so I’ve skipped over that, but the other weapons needed some serious work as many of the parts were molded as one.

So yeah, Paint was definitely required for these!!

A lot of gold and some gunmetal later, and I got it to look something like what we’re all used to. Had to do it twice though.

And there was also the additional cost of trying (and failing) to get a smooth coat of paint using handbrushing techniques on this new gold paint I was using. Normally, I’d airbrush areas like this but the design of the parts made that an impossibility this time around!

On the plus side, the parts are stiff enough (and the guns light enough) to be able to hold the weapons without assistance. Sadly, there is a harsh limit to the poseability of the plamo. The knees will only bend about 90 degrees and the skirt is hard plastic with no give, so don’t expect her to be doing poses which are too dynamic.

One interesting part was the secondary type butt for the G-SHOT. I don’t think I ever remember seeing it in-game before but I guess it would help with bullet capacity… if KOS-MOS didn’t materialise the weapons from god knows where in the first place!!!

Time for some obligatory group shots!!! Overall, I’d say that the Almecha KOS-MOS is still my fave. The Plamo comes in second and the Figma a distant 3rd! I just don’t like how they implemented things in the figma!!

Basically, the plamo version is a much cheaper (if you compare RRP) and easier to obtain version of the Almecha but with a few minor issues and, obviously, a lack of a completely pro finish… Unless you are a brilliantly skilled painter. I am not!

Still, she’s a welcome addition to my collection. and the boxart was lovely as well. She wasn’t difficult and there were no annoyances beyond having to repeat the painting process for the weapons. Maybe I was burned out of GK building for a little bit cos the last 3 I’ve been working on required a lot of additional cleaning and preparation before they ever started to look good. Maybe I should just build one of the better quality kits first just to get my feelings back, something without pinholes or gaps to fill…


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