A little something on the side

Nothing really to update this week. Been rather busy with Christmas preparations (I really hate this part of the year!) and looking at Noel at the moment gets me depressed. There are so many pinholes on her, I’ll be working on her for ages to get those sorted out. The parts are a complete mess! A part of me just wants to run away and do a less stressful kit instead!

But in the meantime, I got a new arrival and got around to do something which I haven’t done for a long time, Gunpla!!

The Freedom Gundam at the front is the Real Grade kit. I bought it ages ago but never got around to building it. I still have an MG Exia lying around as well! Building Freedom made me wonder when it was when I stopped caring about gunpla. Nowadays, it seems to be the furthest thing from my mind when I think of my hobbies, which is a shame as it was my gateway drug into the whole thing! Really should have gotten the RG Justice gundam during my Hong Kong trip but I completely forgot about it.

The other new addition was the GP03 gundam girl, ready to stand next to my Wing Gundam girl! Some notable improvements were done on the GP03 girl in terms of design but there are still some issues, such as the damn skirt parts which constantly want to fall off!

The figure also completely lacks anything resembling the Dendrobium Orchis, which is the biggest feature of the GP03! Then again, I can understand why. The cost would probably have been driven up the roof if they tried to release that! It’s also a little annoying that I got her so late (she was released while I was in Hong Kong but I had already ordered through amiami so I couldn’t buy a second one) but I have the service of Royal Mail to thank for that mostly…

But even that can’t put a dampener on things. Afterall, she’s my second gundam girl and I want MORE!!!!!

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