Project: Vermillion (Part 1)

So I’ve finally gotten her to a stage where I think it’s OK to show her off.

Having said that, Putting her together has shown that she’s going to be exceptionally tricky to complete and the weight distribution is pretty poor. Going to probably need an additional base as an anchor…

Overall, it wasn’t […]

Returning to a Distant World

Wow, has it already been 12 months? This time last year some friends and I went to the Royal Albert Hall and were treated to a wonderful evening of music courtesy of the royal philharmonic orchestra as part of the first show of distant worlds in the UK! Back then, the concert opened with the […]

Mini Review: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Given that this game has pretty much taken over all my spare time since I got it, a mini review had to be on the cards.

Well, what is there to say? This is a remake of a classic PC game from the early 90s, one which I played briefly on the PS1 and […]