Starlight Breaker!

She was finished a couple of weeks ago but I put her debut back for a few other things but now it’s time for her to shine. It’s the “white devil” herself, Takamachi whatever Nanoha!!

Her bits have also been completed but at present, I don’t have a base or rods to keep them held up so Nanoha is being displayed on her own for now. For those who are interested, the previous posts on her WIP can be found below:

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There’s not much left to say now. Despite having a very simple colour scheme, she was quite a bit of fun to work on and having an all white costume brought about some challenges of their own!

One thing which does disappoint a little is that the plastic rod I used as the shaft of Raging Heart isn’t great at taking weight so it actually bends a little when holding the parts together. Not great, but not too noticeable either.

Raging heart itself was a pretty simple affair, though I did end up using the last of my gold paint on it. The gold was a specific make as well and I’ve had a hell of a time trying to locate another source. There are other makes of paint but I still think this shade of gold is the best!!

Another back shot.

Have to say, I really do like the pose. Unlike most of the other figures of Nanoha, this pose and expression simply shows that she means business without relying on a dynamic pose. Otherwise, you mostly see her in super smiley mode so this “Don’t F*ck with me!” pose is a refreshing break from the norm.

She can also pull off a pretty good scowl as well!

For the most part, I got the detailing pretty clean but there are a few patches here and there which didn’t photograph too well. They look fine when you look at the figure as a whole but opens up to nitpicking when you look closer. I’ll probably tidy it up a little bit when I eventually work on my Fate kit (what, you thought I’d get a Nanoha without a Fate?)

And that’s about it for Nanoha. The video game season is starting to pick up now. I still haven’t finished Tales of Graces F and Borderlands 2 is out this week with Dead or Alive 5 next week along with the annual Eurogamer Expo so Model kit building might very well slow down for a while. I had decided on what kit I was going to work on next but now I’m undecided again. It’s down to the Kiking Dead Master, Noel Vermillion or one of my Volks kits…

Well, I have a bit more time to decide…

4 comments to Starlight Breaker!

  • subaruhess

    Your Eye painting technique has improved. Overall the paint job is very professional-looking, some of your photos could almost pass off as the painted sample.

  • Thanks man! I’d kinda hope that I would have improved after doing this for so long but being told that by someone else has a much bigger impact!!

    Only problem now is that the bar has been raised and I still have to keep up!!

  • Q

    Nice job on Nanoha! She is just as much of a threatening devil even without having to pose and ready the Raising Heart for shooting. I agree with subaruhess that the eyes look better from your previous works. It must be hard trying to paint them compared to making decal versions of them!

  • Thanks Q! I’ve been painting the eyes with the same techniques for a while now, but maybe I’ve tipped it past the point so I’m more comfortable when doing them. Surprisingly, Decals introduce their own headaches, such as having to cut them exactly so you don’t get any clear parts showing up on the skin around the eyes, because they show up rather badly! They also get damaged easily if you move them too much when you position them…

    Sometimes, I wonder if painting them by hand would actually be easier! Guess I’ll have to see if I can keep it up with my next work!

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