Project: StrikerS N (Part 6)

Slow and steady wins the race… Yeah, right! This is just me being lazy and also spending the long bank holiday weekend with the folks. Still, progress is progress, right?

Pretty much there now! The eyes still need to be done, and the paintjob was damaged on the front hairpiece so it needs to be repainted but after that, it’s just minor touchups and then I can enjoy that feeling of completing another work while procrastinating over what I’ll do next (though I have a good idea already for once!)

Not much more to do…

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  • subaruhess

    You got blue trim painted on quite neatly but her outfit does look very plain, maybe some shading would bring out the folds & creases in skirt & jacket. Ps; is this the same figure?�c-9700.html

  • Yeah, that’s the same kit, although bardiche was never included. The problem is that Nanohas costume is very plain. The only fold of any note is a single deep fold at the front and it’s so deep, you don’t actually need to shade it to get an effect! I was actually amazed at how flat everything is in the kit. even the right arm doesn’t have and folds which are deep enough to shade. Bit of a blessing actually, since shading white is really hard to do!In any case, all the photos I’ve seen of the kit have shown her to be pristine white, so I’ll probably follow the crowd. She’s pretty much completed now anyway.

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