Project: StrikerS N (Part 5)

Confession: I didn’t think I’d actually get any progress done on Nanoha this week. Phantasy Star Online 2 is taking up way too much of my time! But progress it did. and now, there’s only the hairpieces, eyes and touching up to do. But she really does need some touching up!

I still need to redo the details on the skirt but it looks much better after properly filling in the gaps and sanding down the seams. They’re still noticeable but don’t stand out anywhere near as much as they used to.

I also tried posing the parts with Raging Heart as well, even though the bits aren’t finalised and are not glued together yet. Not properly anyway.

You can still see the seam lines on the skirt in the above pics but they look much smoother now.

And here’s a closer look at the body. The trimmings still look a little rough but they should be smoothed out by the end of this project after the remaining large bits are done. The gaps between the body and shoulders will also be gone after I glue the parts on properly.

Nearly there. Pretty much smooth sailing from now on, at least I hope so. Barring any kind of catastrophe I suspect that Nanoha should be finished within the next couple of weeks. Then I can procrastinate over what my next project will be while playing Persona 4 Arena and Tales of Graces F (or more PSO2)

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  • subaruhess

    Do you mask & spray or you hand brush the details? Nice Samus figma in the background.

  • Depends on the size of the detail. For the blue lines and red gems, I hand painted as it would be more hassle to mask. For the larger blue wedges, I Masked and then cleaned up any spill by hand.

    And you know, I wasn’t that impressed by Samus when she finally arrived. Does everything you expect but still feels a little… flat.

  • subaruhess

    Are you using tamiya masking tape or a different brand? Anyway you going to re-scribe the outline because it looks like some of the trim has disappeared. Also how is it samus Flat? Or are you referring to her armour not being as shiny as the previews?

  • I use tamiya as they are a very safe bet. I have used other masking tape in the past but the tack has been too high so when I removed it, it often took chunks of the paint with it! Most of the outline is sill there so I don’t need to worry about rescribing. The only exception is where the skirt parts meet as there was no detail to begin with but it’s a very small part so I’ll just do it by hand. Unless it looks really bad, there’s no need to scratch out the details again. The gap is only a few mm wide.

    As for Samus, there’s no issue with her look. In fact, I might say she looks *too* shiny. The flat comment was about my feelings for it once I got a hold of her. It’s kinda like waiting in anticipation because I’m a big metroid fan but then feeling that it’s a little lacklustre despite not actually having anything wrong with it. There’s just no charm to her. No complaints, but nothing to praise other than it exists!

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