Project: StrikerS N (part 3)

Just a super quick post this week as I prep the main body parts for painting. I decided to take a shortcut this time around and, since Nanoha is primarily white, I used white primer for her uniform parts, while sticking with the grey for the other parts like the exposed skin parts and hair. Ultimately, if I used grey on the uniform parts as well, I’d end up using a lot of white paint just to cover over the grey, at least 3 or 4 layers, so this saves me time and paint! I can almost jump straight into the detailing but I might give her a slightly pearlescent look with a few more layers of paint. One thing which does bug me a little, it’s much harder to spot faults with the parts when I use the white primer. Grey makes them very easy to spot, even when one is on the bridge of her nose…

2 comments to Project: StrikerS N (part 3)

  • Didn’t know that making Figures is a tedious process

  • Not sure if I would say that building GK is tedious but there is a lot of repetition involved at times. For me, the process doesn’t really come alive until I start painting but I don’t think I would still be building kits if I found the process as a whole to be tedious. I think others in the hobby would agree.

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