Project: StrikerS N (part 1)

I had almost forgotten that I had this kit. Initially, I was planning on working on my Kiking Dead Master, especially as I had recently found out that the man himself has been hired by GoodSmile Company (as opposed to having his works purchased as is the standard dealing with most GK makers), so I don’t think we will be expecting any new works from him, like, ever again! But I was reminded that the 2nd Nanoha movie would be released later this year and I still had an adult Nanoha and Fate kit in my “to do” pile so I decided to get started on the white demon first.

There are loads of different versions of Nanoha and Fate. The 2 are mainstays of GK events along with the Evangelion girls, Hatsune Miku, Saber and, recently, the madoka Magica girls. This particular version is from 83°C and was released back in 2008.
Only a very quick build this time around, The trademark twintails and the ridiculously large arm gauntlets are not present but otherwise, she’s looking pretty decent. For now though, I’m going to be focusing on the extras. That means that I’ll be working on the additional bits and Raging Heart Excelion first (that’s right, I still call it RAGING heart. Screw anyone who calls it raising heart!).

There are 4 of these “bit” things and along with my Alter Nanoha figure, I could display them with up to 8 if I wanted! But I still have a ways to go before I work on Nanoha. Still, she should be relatively easy. Heck, I even bought a small can of white primer for her. That should cut the time right down!



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