Project: StrikerS N (part 3)

Just a super quick post this week as I prep the main body parts for painting. I decided to take a shortcut this time around and, since Nanoha is primarily white, I used white primer for her uniform parts, while sticking with the grey for the other parts like the exposed skin parts and […]

Anime Roundup: Summer 2012

HYPE ON!! The summer anime season is usually a dud compared to other seasons as there are usually fewer shows and you don’t really get big named titles here. They’re usually saved for the Autumn season but not this time. There are a few shows which have me a little excited so there’s plenty to […]

Project: StrikerS N (Part 2)

Man, it sucks having to work with crap resin. Cleanup was annoying as heck and the primer acted all weird when I sprayed the parts… Still, managed to make some progress. There’s still a little more work to do before I move onto the main body but raging heart is now mostly completed.

I […]

Project: StrikerS N (part 1)

I had almost forgotten that I had this kit. Initially, I was planning on working on my Kiking Dead Master, especially as I had recently found out that the man himself has been hired by GoodSmile Company (as opposed to having his works purchased as is the standard dealing with most GK makers), so I […]