Project: Hanekawa (Part 2)

Do you know what one of the most annoying things which can happen while you’re working on a project is? Getting on a roll only to come to an abrupt stop because you’re lacking the correct paint!!! Guess what happened to me this week…

So, ultimately, I didn’t get anywhere near as much as I had hoped done because I was lacking some crucial paint for the job… I still managed to get some parts done though, but they’re all incomplete as I try to figure out what else needs to be done.

I think I’ll spray on a little very dark grey on the hair as It doesn’t look quite right as solid black, even though that is Hanekawas hair colour. The crimson colour on the collar and sleeves look to be right, but until I’m able to finish off the rest of the body, I won’t be certain…

Still, Progress is progress and I’m still hopeful that I’ll be able to finish her before the end of the month, in time for this blogs anniversary!

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