4, 5 still Alive!

Hard to believe that this blog has now been running for a full five years now! Even more surprising (at the time at least) was that I thought I wouldn’t have much of a post this year as I thought that my expenditure was comparatively low this time around. for volume at least. In terms […]

Summer Loot!!

It feels like forever since I did a proper “loot” post but then I guess it’s because my hobby doesn’t really allow for large orders at once. Usually I get one kit at a time and a loot post of just 1 unfinished kit is a bit sad… I also haven’t really bought many PVC […]

Project: Hanekawa (part 4)

Well Damn…

I actually very nearly completed Hanekawa in time for this weeks post but after looking at her for an extended period of time, there was just something about her which I didn’t like. I narrowed it down to the eyes. Nothing particularly wrong with them (for once) but I just think that the […]

Project: Hanekawa (Part 3)

Oops. Nearly forgot about this weeks post.

Well, there’s not much to update this time around. I finally added a base to the kit so she can now stand on her own and the body and hair is now almost completely finished. All that’s left are small parts, minor details and the eyes… Damn…


Project: Hanekawa (Part 2)

Do you know what one of the most annoying things which can happen while you’re working on a project is? Getting on a roll only to come to an abrupt stop because you’re lacking the correct paint!!! Guess what happened to me this week…

So, ultimately, I didn’t get anywhere near as much as I […]