The Continuation of the Dream…

Sometimes, simple is better! It’s kinda refreshing to be able to build a kit where the process is (almost) completely smooth and you don’t need to stress out over certain bits or how to get some effects right or just how to make parts not look like ass!! OK, KOS-MOS was almost like that, but at 1/4 scale, you’re acutely aware that any flaws are going to show up way more than in a 1/7 scale.  Which is why finally getting around to building the try-gk saber from Volks after sitting on it for years was probably a good thing. And here’s how she turned out!

In fact, there were only 2 sticking points when making this kit. The first one were the gaps which showed up around the waist when I put the pieces together. Filling them up was a little annoying but not exactly a unique problem. I’ve done stuff like that many times before on other kits, and those were more annoying!  The second was, surprisingly, the eye decals. Yeah, I got lazy and decided to use the decals provided but some “smart” guy at volks thought it was a good idea to make the ink water soluble, so if you left the decal in water for too long, then the ink would start running off!! The problem is that the decal needs water before it can be removed from the paper!

Otherwise, it was an easy paintjob. A lot of masking tape was required but everything went really smoothly. It took a few attempts to get the shimmering blue effect to a level which I thought worked well but that was about it. The hair might be a little better off if it was a little lighter but blonde is a very difficult colour to get 100% right as it’s not simply yellow. I think the hair could be a little better but the current shade works very well.

The seams on the side are still visible but don’t really stand out so I didn’t do much else to them. This is one of those points where trying too hard to remove them entirely might actually cause more problems than they fix.

One thing which did bemuse me a little what that Volks provided 2 sets of hairpieces for the kit. One was the original bun style which saber is best known for and the other was her hair untied. Each one had a different front hairpiece to go with whichever style you choose but they only gave one ahoge!! Luckily, the pieces are somewhat interchangeable but I can’t help but think that Volks simply only wanted you to stick with 1 hairstyle…

Personally, I think I like the hair down look more but both work pretty well.

And here’s what the second hairpiece looks like. Without the ahoge though. Hope she doesn’t go all alter on us…

This is how I have her currently set up…

And here’s the whole hair down look.

Looking at the pics now, I’m not sure if the decals were as good as I initially thought. They work well enough, but unlike Mistral, I don’t think that they are that much better than what I could have painted, especially with the issues with the running ink and all that.

My only real complaint about the kit would be that the pose itself isn’t that interesting. It fits the scene where it comes from very well but to a casual observer, it’s not very striking. Having said that, this is meant to be a kit for beginners so more complex poses would have increased the difficulty.

It’s just a shame that even with Volks making the process of building a kit so easy with these Try-GK figures, I don’t think many people took a chance to try. Buyers are far more interested in just getting pre-made PVC figures purely for the convenience of being able to pose them straight out of the box. They seem to be adverse to the mere idea of constructing something! I don’t think that the colour resin kits available have gotten too much traction either and those only require glue to look good!

But I’ll stop there before it goes into full blown rant mode, but it is a little depressing that most people around the world would rather the convenience of not having to do anything and getting the same thing as thousands of others who bought the exact same thing. I started this hobby precisely because that was what i DIDN’T want to do, but it seems that no matter how low the entry point is, people just won’t get on board because no effort is preferred over a little effort.

That’s a little sad… But that won’t make me stop. I already have an idea on what my next kit will be as well!! No procrastinating this time!


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