Project: Try-Saber (part 3)

This weeks post was going to be a mini Review of Catherine but I decided not to do one since everybody has probably played it by now, seeing as it’s a year late for us Brits. Also, I can sum it down to a few lines: Interesting story, Frustratingly obtuse at times. Block puzzle game not particularly fun. Ultimately very disappointing and nowhere near as subversive as one may be led to believe. Also, like all other morality systems, you either go all the way in one path or you might as well not bother.

Anyway, with that over and done with (and the last story being played through), I’ve managed to do a little more of my Try-GK saber!

I think I’ll have to repaint the skirt next as it looks like I may have overdone it with the blue. The shoulders give off a much better shimmer effect, though I might add a little more colour to them later when I clean up that particular area.

Sadly, it does look like there will be a parts fit problem, especially around the waist so I’ll need to fix that before we can move on.

HUGE gap at the back and not something we can simply ignore… Luckily, the arms are still separate so it should make it a little easer to putty the gaps as I can now treat the body and skirt as one huge part instead of a few separate ones.

Various areas also need a tidyup. The question is when will I be able to find the time to do so… The last story is proving to be rather addictive and I have a lot of engagements over this month. And lets not forget Mass Effect 3!!

I have a bad feeling that Saber will be left on the wayside for a while until things calm down a little…

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  • subaruhess

    Looks like saber got Mamied! And Catherine is piece of cake, even on hard mode its too easy! The real pain in the arse bit is the rapunzel game, 128 levels.

  • Is that what we;re going to call it everytime I leave the head off now? She hasn’t been mamied, The head just wasn’t dry at the time! And I wouldn’t say Catherine is difficult in the traditional sense. But it can frustrate quite a bit until the solution simply comes to you and then it’s a piece of cake, even if you die later. But some later levels like the one where you have Katherine or face off against Durmazid were annoying as FUCK!!

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