The Continuation of the Dream…

Sometimes, simple is better! It’s kinda refreshing to be able to build a kit where the process is (almost) completely smooth and you don’t need to stress out over certain bits or how to get some effects right or just how to make parts not look like ass!! OK, KOS-MOS was almost like that, but […]

First Impressions: Dead or Alive 5 Demo

Hurray for boobies!!! Wait… Nope, I got it right!

Seriously though, I am a pretty big fan of the Dead or Alive series. Afterall, I’ve played every version of the game and own all but DoA2 hardcore on PS2 and DoA for PS1. Heck, DoA dimensions is by far my most played game on […]

Quick update: Try-Saber

Just a really brief update this time. Not really worth a full post… I’ve done a little more work on Saber but most of my time for the past week has been taken up with my new game. You may have heard of it, first word ends with “ass” and second word begins with “eff”


Mini Review: The Last Story

Ah, yes. While the Yanks gear themselves up for their release of Xenoblade, us brits are starting to polish off the second major wii JRPG release of the past few months in the shape of the Last Story. I don’t think any major introductions are in order. This is the latest RPG from Mistwalker […]

Project: Try-Saber (part 3)

This weeks post was going to be a mini Review of Catherine but I decided not to do one since everybody has probably played it by now, seeing as it’s a year late for us Brits. Also, I can sum it down to a few lines: Interesting story, Frustratingly obtuse at times. Block puzzle game […]