Winter Wonder Festival 2012 Garage kits

After the somewhat disappointing summer event last year, it looks like there was feeling of a return to normalcy for the winter event. Lots of new kits and a larger variety of characters on display. In fact, there wasn’t one show which dominated the dealer floor, though Haganai had a strong showing as did Madoka Magica.

I tried to acquire 3 kits this time around but failed to get any of them. BOO! Oh well, at least my bank balance is safe for a while, I guess!

This one was top of my list, the Princess of the Crystal from Mawaru Penguin Drum. She was actually a very popular choice for many kit makers this time around but the one above is the one by Cerberus Project.  I felt it was one of the better ones on display so it was top of my want list but also the one I thought I was least likely to get since Cerberus Project is a pretty big name in the circles and their works are always very popular.

The next figure I wanted was this Sheryl Nome, cos we can’t have too much Sheryl!! Sadly, they were sold out before my proxy could get in and current auction priced have this particular kit as going for ¥50k each!!!

The 3rd kit I requested was this little Towa Erio from Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko. Her figures have been a really mixed bag but this one really impressed me as it caught the art style and cuteness rather well!

There was also this kit by the principality of Kagutsuchino. I saw an unpainted prototype on Toda-sans website and it looked really good but not quite enough to make it into a buy. Then I saw the coloured version… Damn it!!

The rest are kits I came across when I did my rounds collecting info on the event. Some (like Nepgear) I knew about before the event but didn’t go for them. but there’s a mix of characters in there!

Yukikaze from Dog Days. There were a few kits of her around the event. Interesting choice of character but I guess she’s one of the more popular characters from the show, after Millhi, of course!

Christiane Friedrich from majikoi. Personally, I would have preferred Mayuzumi Yukie…

Because the world can always do with more Yotsuba!

Admit it, this pic made you chuckle!

Team Iskandar, GO!!!

All together now… DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWW! Also, isn’t it kinda freaky how anaru goes from that to how we all know her as? It’s way more than just growing up and filling out!!

It might surprise you to find out that Meat WASN’T the most popular character to come out of Haganai at Wonfest! It was Kobato!!

Victorique de Blois. Would have been a must have if she only had some LEGS! Or at least a lower half…

Some Steins gate goodness. The Daru is just cool. How the heck he has such an awesome daughter is a mystery of the universe!

Some video game Heroines too. HyperDimension Neptunia mkII should be arriving at the end of the month. Here’s hoping that it’s better than its predecessor (not that hard to do). Samus and Mitsuru are always awesome (no prizes for guessing who I’m going to main on the persona fighting game by Arc System Works) and Chihaya from Idolm@ster. Truth be told, I prefer Asuza but only with her long hair! The sad thing is that everyone does kits for Asuza based on her IM@S2 look, which means short hair… NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

CHIFUYU-NEE!!!! The best girl in Infinite Stratos!! Arguments and counter claims will be ignored because they’re all WRONG!!!

It’s Ryushi Ryuko!!

OK, this one may need a little explaining. This character is from an old (late 90s) tokusatsu show called Guyferd. It’s kind of a cross between Kamen Rider and Guyver. I saw a couple of episodes when I was in Japan many years ago and I thought it was quite cool even though I didn’t understand a bit of it! If only it was subbed…

And lastly, someone actually made a model of the Reiji Maigo from Shakugan no Shana!! Just let that sink in for a bit!

Overall, it was a rather interesting WF. There were some pretty good kits on display but many lacked the finish of the more seasoned model kit makers. I’m hoping that this is due to an influx of new kit makers who have yet to find their footing.

As for the usual ero stuff, I’m just posting a link this time. It feels like the same stuff is getting recycled again and even some of the really tame mass market stuff is in the gallery this time… Don’t expect too much this time around!


That’s it for the winter event. Nothing really stood out from the big companies for me other than a charagumin Selvaria Bles and a kotobukiya plastic kit of KOS-MOS ver 4 (how the hell is that going to turn out?)

The next Wonder Festival has already been scheduled for the end of July. Man, I really wanna go!!!!

[images via temporary feelings]

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