The Wheel of Fate is Turning. Rebel 1…

Well, this has proven rather annoying. For the first time I find myself with the desire to write about a certain something but am not allowed to. Embargo style!!! Actually, it’s self imposed but I don’t want anyone to get into trouble for it so everyone will just have to wait for my impressions of […]

Anime Roundup: Winter 2012

Yay! First new season of 2012! 2011 was a bit of a mixed bag in the end. There were relatively few stand out shows and even the last season didn’t really blow me away despite having some seriously big names. Hopefully, 2012 will really impress and it has a very good chance to do so, […]

Project: Try-Saber (Part 1)

Being in a rut sucks… After taking a little break (and doing a little gunpla again), I really feel like doing another garage kit and with my backlog as big as it is, you’d think that there’d be no problem finding one which I really felt like working on. But after working on a really […]

Mini Review: Gundam Extreme Vs

The first post of 2012! And thanks to some extended time off, I have no real projects or figure purchases to speak of (though I have another new kit to add to the queue!) so for this post, I decided to go and review the last game I purchased in 2011, Gundam Extreme vs on […]

Keep on Rolling…

And another year passes by without incident. So it seems like a decent time to look back at the years anime and games. As per usual, the figures and whatnot won’t be discussed as they get their own post on the blogs anniversary. Still, there’s plenty to look back at without them. And for starters, […]