Eurogamer Expo 2011

Another year, another weekend full of video games courtesy of Eurogamer!! By now, the eurogamer expo has become a “must attend” event every year by myself and many of the Destructoid EU group as it gives us all a chance to catch up and enjoy a massive number of video games! This years event […]

Project: Rozen (Part 7)

And now, we have come down to the final doll. No need for introductions or anything like that since anyone familiar with the title (or the meme) will have known who it was by then end of the last post by the virtue of her being the only one not present. It is, of course, […]

Project: Rozen (part 6)

We’re into the final stretch now. Only 2 more dolls remain so which one is it who takes the #2 slot and gets an appearance this week? It’s JUNK!!! I mean… Suigintou!!

Truth be told, there wasn’t much between the top 3 but Suigintou proved to be a bit of a challenge due […]

Mini Review: Xenoblade Chronicles

This game has been a massive time sink for me since I got the game a few weeks ago so it’s only fitting that I spend some time on a mini review for it. Plus, I get to use the post as a passive gloat to the American readers since, for the first time […]

Project: Rozen (part 5)

And now back to the current modelling project. Not much further to go as we’re into the last three dolls to add to the kit. Probably a good thing that this is wrapping up soon as I’m getting distracted a lot by Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Xenoblade Chronicles. That, and Starfox 64 3DS is […]