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Capcom UK Fight Night!

Woah, when was the last time I did a video game post? E3? Anyway, while a load of people I know were living it up at Gamescom, I stayed in the UK and found myself going to the first Capcom UK Fight Night in London.

Yes, this graffiti scared me too!

The event was […]

Project: Rozen (Part 4)

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming!

The next entry on the kit was actually completed last week but I didn’t really want to do 2 posts in a row on the progress of this kit and I’m still working on a somewhat aggressive schedule to complete it. In fact, the next entry is […]

Summer Acquisitions

It came to my attention while completing the latest Rozen Maiden that I have actually been pursuing a rather aggressive timeline for its completion. 1 Doll a week is actually rather tough (even if they are somewhat simplistic) and I’m a little surprised that I have managed to keep up so far. Incidentally, the 4th […]

Project: Rozen (part 3)

After the madness and stress (and that was just covering the damn event!) of Wonder Festival, it’s time to kick back and have a more relaxing time working on my current project. And so, here’s the 3rd entry of the Rozen series, Boku!! I mean… Souseiseki! It was pretty much a tie between her and […]